Earlier this year, Cherry Mobile has unveiled their most powerful smartphone, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus. The design of the smartphone is very similar to the Cherry Mobile Cosmos One but this one got a more powerful hardware. Inside this smartphone, you can find a 3GB of RAM and the latest MT6595 Octa-core processor. Wanna know more about it? Check it out after the break.




This smartphone sports a very similar design to the Cherry Mobile Cosmos One but this one sports a better hardware. There’s a plastic textured back, which is a little bit slippery. At the front, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus looks very simple and easy on the eyes. The body is made up of plastic but the Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus feels comfortable to use. The buttons were well placed except for the shutter button but it wasn’t really a deal breaker for me.



There’s a 32GB of Internal Storage on the Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus and for me, that’s more than enough but don’t worry. If you want to put your media files on the phone, you could opt for a MicroSD card and if you want more storage, this smartphone supports USB OTG.


The Cherry Mobile Cosmos One packs a faster MT6595 CPU along with the 3GB of RAM. That amount of RAM is already present on most flagship smartphones that’s why you won’t have a problem in running applications and games on this smartphone. Compared to the previous flagship smartphones of Cherry Mobile, this one now supports NFC and not only that, this smartphone also Dual SIM and LTE however, only one of the SIM card would be LTE capable.


There’s a speaker grill at the back and I feel that it performs pretty bad. The audio is a little bit bass-y and it needs to be louder especially that this is the current flagship smartphone of Cherry Mobile.



Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus is using a 5.5-inch Full HD display and I’m pretty happy with it. The colors look nice and it wasn’t over saturated and the whites were pretty good. The display looks just right and it doesn’t feel warm nor cold. The outdoor visibility was quite good too and the display is responsive.



Inside the smartphone is a MediaTek MT6595 processor and a 3GB of RAM. There are only a few smartphones that packs this hardware and yes, the performance of this smartphone doesn’t disappoint. When it comes to gaming, you won’t have a problem on this one. Heavy games that you see on the play store runs on this smartphone without a problem.


Same with multi-tasking, since there’s 3GB of RAM, the smartphone can handle a lot of heavy apps simultaneously and when there no running apps, you could see that there’s 2GB of free memory on the Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus. Not bad, right? The Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus got a score of 45725 on my test.


Battery Life


This smartphone might have an amazing performance but when it comes to battery life, the smartphone has a 2700mAh of battery and at moderate use with Dual SIM and LTE on, I was able to use it for 11 hours and if you’re planning on using this for heavy usage, better bring a powerbank with you everytime.



Aside from its power, another hardware that I love in the Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus is the 14-Megapixel camera with the Sony IMX 214 sensor. This is also the same sensor being used by Oppo Find 7, Xiaomi Mi 4, Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and the Nexus 6. The photos taken with the camera were great. It was sharp and crisp and colors were very natural but of course, this one can’t match up against the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4’s camera. Check out some photos that I took using the smartphone’s camera.

IMG_20150210_105036 IMG_20150227_181122_1 IMG_20150302_075408 IMG_20150305_212137_1 IMG_20150305_213245_1



Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus shows us what will be the future of the companies’ hardware in their future smartphones. We might see more smartphones from Cherry Mobile that packs 3GB of RAM and good camera sensors like the Sony IMX214. Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus is really a good phone however, some features like the audio quality and the battery life of the smartphone needs a lot more improvement. We can’t do anything about the audio but for the battery, you could just bring a powerbank or a charger with you.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus is now available for P13,999.



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