When we want to play games on our smartphones, we always opt for Android or iOS over Windows Phone because most mobile games are available on Android and iOS and not on Windows Phone but when it comes to productivity, no app can beat Microsoft Office on Windows that’s why sometimes, people who wants to buy a tablet are torn between Windows 8.1 and Android. But Cloudfone got a solution for you. Instead of buying two devices for two different operating systems, why not just have one device with two operating systems?

Cloudpad Epic 7.1 Specs

  • 7″ IPS HD Touchscreen
  • 1.8 GHz Quad Core Intel Atom Processor
  • 5MP Rear Camera, 2MP Front Camera
  • ROM: 32GB, RAM: 1GB
  • Crossover Technology: Windows 8.1 / Android 4.4 KitKat
  • WiFi
  • USB OTG Cable Included


Here’s the Cloudpad Epic 7.1, a tablet that can dual-boot Android and Windows 8.1. So yeah, you won’t have a problem anymore playing Clash of Clans and typing your report on Microsoft Word because this device.

Oh and remember, this one is running on a full fledged Windows device that’s why you can run legacy games like Red Alert 2 and Warcraft III. The only problem that you could probably face on this device is storage problems why? because 32GB Internal storage is already to small for a Windows tablet (You’ll get around 10-16GB of free space) and yet Android have to eat some more space which will leave you a little amount of free space.

The Cloudpad Epic 7.1 is now available for P4,999


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