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For the new generation of students, opportunity is knocking on every side of the wall. With so many opportunities for students, they are more likely to be confused. They may be influenced by their parents to take on traditional courses to pass on the generation such as engineering, law, education, accounting, criminology and the famous nursing. I myself was influenced by my parents to study engineering because my father was an engineer and I didn’t really know much about the other courses that were being offered back then. Actually, when I took my college entrance exams, I wasn’t really ready with my career and the program that I’ll choose.  But with the development of technology, students today have a wider range of options for courses ranging from digital marketing, tourism, financial services, and even IT.


Choosing a career is a very hard decision to make, especially without proper guidance or even acknowledgement from parents. High school students overly rely on what the media may call the “coolest jobs” without even thinking if it matches their skills or interest. Sometimes, they’re also influenced by peer pressure.  But with their eagerness to take on challenges, they can eventually choose with a guide in hand.


If you find yourself in a similar situation, you’re in luck! Thanks to, a project of Philippine Business for Education in partnership with United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Philippines, is an online career exploration tool that high school students can use to plan their career given their skills, interests, and goals.


With so many fields to choose from such as education, finance, marketing, tourism and more, you can now easily isolate the profession you want with the help of It guides you to the best course available, based on the kind of career you’re interested in, and school that can provide you with a high quality education at an affordable price..


Before using this website, it’s important to ask yourself first what your skills are and the things that you enjoy. After this, check out which industry is a good fit for you at the explore jobs page. Once you choose the industry, you’ll then see the different fields and key players in the industry. Not only that, you’ll also see the potential jobs that have high demand from today until 2020. Just click on the jobs you’re interested in to learn more about the daily tasks and the courses you can take to be qualified for them.


Once you’ve decided on what course to take, you can now check out’s other feature, which will show you the top performing schools in the licensure examinations by profession and location.. is really interesting because it’s really comprehensive and can really help students choose their career in the future.


The best feature I appreciated on the website is the forecast of salary expectations for the field that I want to venture on. Though it’s priced at the current financial status of the Philippines, hopefully it goes up when a student graduates 4-5 years later on.


Lastly, choosing a profession is really hard so I wished that this kind of guidance was already available during my high school days. Honestly, you guys are lucky enough to be guided online, but just remember to choose what you feel best for you.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta likes to create content about tech. But he also hates tech.


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