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Get the all-new Fitbit devices at Digital Walker!

Wearables are getting more popular all thanks to the Apple Watch. But even before the Android wear have been announced and before every iOS user have been praying for the Apple Watch, there are already wearables that are available in different platforms and one of them is the Fitbit. Actually, Fitbit is one of the most popular activity trackers in the market. But it also comes in different variants with different prices depending on  your needs.


Digits fitbit one

If you want the most affordable Fitbit out there then you should get the Fitbit One that. It records your wireless activity and it also acts as a sleep tracker. There’s an OLED display that also lets you check the time and the stats. The Fitbit One can last up to a 10 days of use.

Digits fitbit flex

If you want something fashionable, you can go for the Fitbit Flex, it has a LED lights that lets you know that you’re in shape for your daily goals. This one also have an app support and stat sharing.

Digits fitbit aria

If you’re into checking your body stats, there’s a digital weighing scale that lets you track your body in shape. With Fitbit Aria, you can track your weight, BMI, lean mass, and body fat percentage. And yes, it can display weight stats in graphs and charts and it syncs stats wirelessly and works with other Fitbit devices.

Digits fitbit chargeHR

To have a better lifestyle, you should keep in track your heart rate and your calorie burn. And with Fitbit Charge HR, you can accurately track heart rate and calorie burn. Not only that, the Fitbit Charge HR also features call notification functions with compatible devices.

Digits fitbit surge

If you want to have the ultimate fitness super watch, you can go for the Fitbit Surge. It features heart rate monitoring, GPS and it can also display call and text notifications. It’s a perfect fitness partner. Everything that you need is in the Surge!


You can already get these Fitbit devices at Digital Walker stores at these prices:

One: Php 4,599
Flex: Php 4,599
Aria: Php 6,299
Charge HR: Php 6,999
Surge: Php 12,899
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Jam Ancheta
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