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Get the Xiaomi Mi Pad at Sun Broadband Gadget Plan 250!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Xiaomi Mi Pad is one of the best Android tablet in the market. This Android tablet is very powerful thanks to the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor inside it. Not only that, the Xiaomi Mi Pad also have a 7.9-inch  2048×1536 IPS display which is on par with the current iPad Mini. The UI is enticing too because this one is using the latest MIUI skin on Android which is very responsive and it barely crash. The most interesting about the tablet is probably its price, because the Xiaomi MiPad is too awesome for its price and yes, this tablet is now available at Sun Broadband Gadget Plan 250!



At Plan 250, you’ll get 700MB of data in where you could use it for browsing the internet. While at Plan 350, you’ll get Non Stop Surf in where you can use this one for checking out facebook, chat apps, emails and other light internet activities.  Plan 450 gives you 500MB of mobile data and also Non Stop surf while Plan 699. The cash-out? Not so big, it’s only P449/month!


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