The iPhone 13 series hasn’t arrived yet in the country but we just got a rumor that the next iPhone will come with a larger storage which is double than the one that is currently offered in the market right now.

This year, Apple has doubled the storage of the iPhones and all of the iPhone 13 series smartphones now comes with a larger 128GB of internal storage and up to 1TB on the Pro version. But with the iPhone 14 series, we can expect that these smartphones will now come with up to 2TB storage of QLC storage according to mydrivers. According to the source, they’re currently testing the products on QLC flash memory.

But of course, these are just rumors and using QLC memory isn’t as reliable as using TLC memories that are being used right now. For now, we just got to wait for the official announcement of the iPhone 14 which will be….next year.

Source: mydrivers via GSM Arena


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