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iPhone 6 32GB Spotted for only Php19,990

The iPhone 6 might be over a year old already but it is still selling like hotcakes to the Filipinos. Recently, we spotted the iPhone 6 with 32GB storage at MemoXpress in Makati and it now sports a more affordable price of P19,990. The iPhone 6 was announced 3 years ago but until now, many people are still clinging to this device as the iPhone 6 still has a comparable performance to a mid-range Android smartphone and Apple has continued to update this smartphone even after 3 years.

I’ve used a 16GB iPhone 6 before and it was really a pain to use as the smartphone really has a limited storage even after installing only a few apps and taking a few photos. The 32GB on the other hand is a better option as this one is ideal for those who wants to use their smartphones for some casual games and of course taking some photos.

You can now get the iPhone 6 32GB at stores nationwide however if you want a more affordable iPhone 6, you can go for the 16GB variant with a price tag of P18,490 or if you want, the older iPhone 5s 16GB for P12,990.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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