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Jam Online’s Best gadgets of 2015

2015 is another great year for smartphones and tablets. This year, we’ve seen Samsung went to the glass and metal design and we’ve now experienced the first wearable device of Apple. For local brands, we’ve also seen better smartphones and more gadgets from them. So today, we’ll celebrate the end of 2015 by choosing the best gadgets of this year.


Best affordable smartphone : Cherry Mobile Flare 4


For me, this is the best affordable smartphone available right now. Actually, the hardware of the Cherry Mobile Flare 4 and the Flare S4 is the same but the Cherry Mobile Flare 4 is sexier than the latter thanks to its metal frame and curvy design. One thing that they didn’t mentioned about the Cherry Mobile Flare 4 is that it has a 2.5 glass, which is a small feature that I really love.


When it comes to the hardware department, it doesn’t disappoint too. It has a 64-bit processor along with a 2GB of RAM which is already enough for some light-heavy tasks and games. So why is it the best affordable smartphone for me? Well, because this smartphone has it all. It has a good design, a good hardware, and it’s really affordable for what you can get from this smartphone.


Best midrange smartphone: ASUS Zenfone 2


ASUS Zenfone 2 is not alone. There are a lot of Zenfones this year but their first release of their second-generation Zenfone is the ASUS Zenfone 2. The ASUS Zenfone 2 have been greatly popular in the country thanks to its hardware and affordable price. The Zenfone 2 is also available in different storages and for P15,000 you can get a 64GB smartphone. This one is also using an Intel Atom processor inside which fares good for any apps and games. Not the best processor but it can play most games and applications. The RAM is also superb thanks to its 4GB of RAM. For P15,000, the smartphone is really good.


Best flagship smartphone: Huawei Nexus 6P


This is the best Nexus smartphone that you can get this year. Oh wait, no, it’s not the best Nexus smartphone that you can get, THIS IS THE BEST SMARTPHONE THAT YOU CAN GET THIS YEAR. It has a gorgeous metal design that I thought that would suck when it was leaked because of the camera hump at the back but in reality, I couldn’t even feel that hump.


The performance of the Huawei Nexus 6P is one of the best today, thanks to its Snapdragon 810 processor and yes, the software experience is really good and I really love it. Everything about this smartphone is really lovely. A must buy if you have the moolah.


Best tablet Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab


I was not surprised that Cherry Mobile will announce a device like this because there are already a lot of tablets like this. Actually, this is not the first local dual-booting tablet but this one has ironed out its bugs, decent hardware and software, and a very affordable price tag. Unlike most Windows tablets out there, this one packs a 32GB storage in which 24GB was given to Windows while the rest is for Android.


So why is it the best tablet of this year? Because you can get a lot from it for P5,000. It’s affordable and you can get a Windows tablet that you can use to type your documents and an Android tablet for your games and mobile applications.


Gadget of the year: Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab


This is my favorite gadget of the year. Yes, this tablet isn’t flawless but again, for P5,000 you can get a lot from it. Since this tablet can run Windows and Android, you can run your favorite Windows games such as DOTA on Warcraft 3 and Red Alert 2 and also boot to Android to play games such as Clash of Clans.


It’s an all-in-one device if you’ll buy a keyboard and mouse for it and you could easily make this tablet as a productivity device for typing your thesis documentations and even using the MAIA Smart Tab for Arduino projects. The Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab surprised me with what I can get from it for P5,000. It’s freakin affordable and it has replaced my iPad and notebook in some cases, it’s just an amazing device for its price.


So why is it my gadget of the year? Well, because this tablet is really good at its class. This tablet has even trumped out the tablets at a even higher price range. Not only this tablet can play the latest Android games but it can also be a device that you can use for school or work thanks to its Windows operating system and yet, this tablet is priced at P4,999. This tablet is just amazing.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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