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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review

Samsung has unveiled their most premium devices ever this year and one of them is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. The device was no surprise because its smaller brother, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was also announced earlier this year. Basically, this smartphone looks similar but this one is the bigger brother and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus packs a better hardware


Design and Hardware


When I thought that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge’s design were near to perfection, I was wrong. The smaller Galaxy S6 Edge was harder to hold compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Yes, the bigger one is much comfortable for me. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like holding this one on my hand rather than putting it on my pocket.

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Again, just like its flagship brothers, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus have a premium materials. Samsung has turned away from plastic and they’ve turned to glass and metal, materials used on most premium smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is very elegant thanks to its design.

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But of course, this design comes with compromises because you cannot add an expandable storage and you cannot remove the battery of the smartphone, a feature that is well loved by Android users. For some, it might be a dealbreaker but if there’s a good reason why Samsung have removed that feature. Why? Because having a removable storage on this device would bottleneck the internal memory speeds of this smartphone, which means that the smartphone would experience slowdowns and lags

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Just like the Samsung Galaxy S6 that we’ve reviewed before, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus variant that will be arriving in the country is the dual sim variant. Yep, we’ll be getting the dual sim variant even for the edge version of Samsung’s flagship phablet.




The display is the hardware that set the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus different from the Galaxy Note 5. But of course, since we’re getting the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus on this one, we won’t have the very useful S Pen that was used in the Note devices.

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First, the display of the smartphone is very awesome. Not only because it’s curved but also because this smartphone also have phablet sized 5.7-inch Super AMOLED QHD display. The display is glorious and it’s really great to look at. Outside, the display still looks good and it’s really beautiful. The colors were really vivid and the display were really bright. Definitely one of the best out there for smartphones.

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The curved display might look good to you but at some times, you’ll find the curve display annoying because it is really distracting when playing full-screen games and whenever I watch videos and browse pictures. It really irks me to see images and videos that’s a little distorted on both sides.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus packs a curved display for a reason. There are some features that can be used on this phone that isn’t present on its note brother. The Edge display can be used as a notification light if the smartphone’s display is facing upside-down, night clock, information stream, people edge to have quick access to contacts and my favorite, apps edge in which you can use it as a shortcut for apps.


I felt that the Edge display of the smartphone needs more developer support and apps should take advantage of its edge display.


Software and Performance


This year Samsung decided to ditch the Qualcomm processors in their smartphones to focus on their own chipset, the Exynos. And yes, this processor is very powerful and it can run different heavy apps and games without a problem. There’s a spacious 4GB of RAM too which won’t be a problem for multitasking. Actually, I can run different games and apps on this one without problems.


One of the problems that I’ve encountered after using the Samsung Galaxy S6 for a while is its temperature. The Galaxy S6 is really hot when playing games but with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the smartphone gets hot too but not to that alarming point of heat.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is still using the TouchWiz UI. It’s flat and it’s fast. In my use, I didn’t experience lags and slowdowns which is really weird because most of the time, the TouchWiz UI lags after some time of use.


However, I was disappointed that this smartphone didn’t maximize its edge display on its apps. For example, it would be awesome if some of their built-in apps like the messages to have a special shortcut when they use the Edge Display.


When it comes to battery life, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus have improved over the Galaxy S6 but if they’ve only added a more juices into it, it could last a day and a half. In my average use, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus was able to last up to a day of normal use. Most of the time, I don’t bring my power bank anymore.



When it comes to camera performance, this smartphone have the best camera that you can get on a smartphone. That’s it. No need for more explanations because this one is the best. Check out the photos that I took using the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

20151214_000217 20151211_141419 20151212_151402



Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus (3)

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is a flagship that can really catch our eyes due to its beautiful design and its curve display. It might be Samsung’s best-looking smartphone but this one is more expensive than the Galaxy Note 5 and the curved display wasn’t maximized as I expected.

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