Did you know that Kakao Talk is one of the most popular messenger here in the country? And recently, Kakao Philippines has launched Open Chat, a feature in where the users can chat to others by just clicking the link to the Open Chat. Open Chat can be shared on different social media and other websites because once you created an open chat, the only thing that you need is the link and you can share it anywhere. For users who wants to join Open Chat, the only thing that they need is a Kakao Talk IDs and yes, you can register for free!


The good thing about Kakao Talk’s open chat is that everybody can create an Open Chat. So what are the advantages of having Open Chat on Kakao Talk? Well, Open Chat lets you have an easier way to chat with a group and for some, you might find it more secure because you can limit or control who you reveal your profiles to.


The open chat feature of Kakao Talk is a really great feature especially for those who always work in groups. Communication has just got better with Kakao Talk’s open chat feature. As a student, I think this feature will be great especially if I always have group works and for bloggers, we can share our latest news and content to my readers via Open Chat.


If you want to create an Open Chat on Kakao Talk, just tap the + button on the chats tab and then select Open Chat. After that, you can now choose your selected name and then the type of chat, a background photo and then just tap ‘OK’. After that, you can share Open Chat link and it will be good to go.


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