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Lenovo and Legion notebooks get AI treatment upgrade at Innovate 2024

Lenovo has just updated their 2024 Lenovo Yoga Notebooks and Legion Notebooks with the latest Intel Core Ultra Processors which enable these notebooks to have faster AI processing and also, a better and more powerful hardware inside.

Dedicated Copilot key

copilot key

One of the major changes on Lenovo notebooks this 2024 is the addition of the Copilot key to the keyboard of the notebooks for a quick access to the AI chatbot that was built-in to Windows 11.

Lenovo Creator Zone


One of the best use-case of AI for consumers is generative AI and with Lenovo Creator Zone, you will be able to turn text or even some sketches into photos. You can create images by just typing the prompt that you want, and you can have different variants of these images. This works pretty much like on Microsoft’s Copilot and Google Gemini but with Lenovo Creator Zone, you can create images in offline mode.

14th Gen Intel CPU and LA AI Core Chips


Lenovo has go all-in with AI thanks to their hardware. Aside from the 14th Gen Intel CPU inside these devices, there’s the LA AI Core inside as well that helps in the AI processing in these notebooks. Thanks to these chips inside, you can use generative AI even if you’re online. The 14th Gen Intel CPU is a big leap too compared to the previous generations which might help you in games and apps.

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