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LG G5 Review

LG wants to be different this year by offering something that the others doesn’t have a and that’s by having a modular smartphone. And no, this isn’t a concept product because the LG G5 is their current flagship to date and it’s a good one. Thankfully, we got a unit for review from LG Philippines. So what do I think about the smartphone? Check out our review of the smartphone below.


A new design


One of the things that I noticed when I saw the leaked photos of this smartphone before it was even announced is that this smartphone doesn’t look really good but in personal, the LG G5 isn’t actually that bad. For some people, they might even love it and when you’re looking at the front, you would easily recognize that it’s an LG smartphone as this one has a resemblance to the LG G3.


LG has finally opted for having a metal body compared to last year’s leather but it actually doesn’t feel heavy. The smartphone is light and easy to hold. The curves of the smartphone feel just right in the hand and since this one have a 5.3-inch display, this smartphone isn’t really that big.lg-g5-14


Its biggest features are being a modular smartphone. No, it doesn’t work similarly to Google’s Project Ara and for the smartphone to work, you’ll have to remove the lower part of the LG G5 along with its battery. I know, it’s quite annoying since you’ll have to turn off your battery to replace the modular part of the smartphone which they called as LG friends and right now, there are only a few LG friends that are available in the Philippines.


Another shift that LG has made this year is the USB Type-C port below the smartphone and yes, if you’ve already invested some MicroUSB power bank and cables, you might want to shift to USB Type-C because this port is the new standard and yes, the LG G5 does charge fast with its USB Type-C port and charger. A pretty awesome feature from Qualcomm.


The battery of the LG G5 is rated at 2800mAh and that number isn’t really impressive compared to its competitors but in real life usage, I was actually getting more battery life than expected. I was able to use the smartphone for more than 12 hours without charging it up and that was with the often use of mobile data. Not bad for LG on that one.




One thing to love about flagship smartphones is their displays and the LG G5 doesn’t disappoint. The LG G5 packs a 5.3-inch Quad HD Quantum Display. You might not be familiar with the Quantum display but the display of the smartphone is bright and it is very visible outside. The display produces accurate colors and the contrasts were good. Overall, the display of the LG G5 is really good and it is really one of the best in the market right now.


A better software & a powerful performance


First of all, let’s admit that the LG G5 comes with a lot of bloatware but compared to the previous LG smartphones that we’ve reviewed before the LG G5 is fast, swift and the software has been improved really well. I didn’t experience any lags, however, some of the apps that come in the smartphone are really useless in my review


One of the biggest advantages of having the LG G5 over other flagship smartphones is the Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB of RAM. This smartphone is powerful and since it’s running on Snapdragon 820 processor, there are no games that this smartphone can’t run and compared to other chipsets, this one can run most apps and games smoothly and without problems


A surprising dual lens camera


This is probably the biggest feature of the smartphone, the dual lens camera. So how does this camera of the LG G5 work? Well, one of them is a wide angle lens which gives you a wider view which is really great for taking photos of landscapes and even groupies. But of course, those lenses have different qualities.


The standard lens gives you a f/1.8 aperture which is brighter and perfect for taking photos especially at night and then there’s the wide angle lens with f/2.4 aperture but don’t worry because despite having a different lens, both of this lens work pretty well and they can really shoot good photos and videos.


In the standard lens, the smartphone can capture sharp photos but sometimes it tends to be darker than I expected but overall, I’m pretty happy with how the camera of the smartphone worked. While the wide angle lens gives you a wider shot which is perfect for in a lot of circumstances and as I expected, the standard lens performed better than this one but hey, with manual settings, I could get amazing results on both especially if you use the V10 camera app.


Check out the shots that I took using the standard lens






Here are the shots that I took using the wide angle lens.

20160824_000223 .




Overall, I’m happy with the shots that I got with the LG G5.




There are plenty of flagships smartphones that you can get in the market and right now and if you’re looking for a smartphone with the best processing power and smartphone that you always want to use for Instagram and some mobile photography then you might want to take a look at this. Yes, it does have some flaws but its unique features are something that you should take a look at.


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