The LG V10 was recently launched in the country and it is the newest flagship smartphone of the company. Just like the LG G4, the company is proud that the LG V10 packs a big punch when it comes to cameras but not only that, the all-new LG V10 now sports a different design and materials in its body.


First of all, the display is gorgeous. It might not be the best in the market, but it really does look gorgeous. The display is so large too that it fits for gaming and for normal phone usage.  Compared to Super AMOLED, this one has a more natural and bright colors, and it’s probably one of the things why I like this smartphone.


One of its best feature is the second screen. When I first heard about the second screen of the LG V10, I thought it was just a gimmick but when I get to try out the LG V10, the second screen was really useful because not only this second screen shows your notifications but it also acts a shortcut for your apps


Before, LG used the leather back on their LG G4 but this time, they opt for a textured rubber-like back. And I didn’t expect that the V10’s feel would be that good. The sides are also made up of the metal used in wristwatches which made the LG V10 really premium. The software of LG looks really good. It got the flat icons and the software that was seen before on LG devices and it is still full of bloatwares.


When it comes to the camera, which is one of its main features, the LG V10’s camera settings can kick other’s smartphone butt. It is so complex that you could anything with it which is a photographers dream. Not only that, the LG V10 also supports manual video mode which lets you adjust the different settings while recording a video.


I can’t say much about the LG V10 but all I know that this smartphone is really good. The smartphone feels very premium to hold and it has one of the best camera on a smartphone out there. This is also the only smartphone that supports manual video and it’s a feature that every vlogger would love to have.


If you want the LG V10, it will be available for P37,990 and you know the best part about it? LG will be giving away a FREE 200GB memory card valued at P11,000 starting yesterday up to November 29, 2015


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