Everybody on the internet has probably watched a YouTube video before and some of you guys are idolizing some YouTube stars including Ryan Higa, PewDiePie, MKBHD or LinusTechTips and are probably making their own channel. Whether you love making videos on Youtube about Fashion, Tech, or anything under the sun. Well, here’s your chance to become the next biggest YouTube star and also to meet your Idols!


How? It’s actually easy. All you need to do is to upload your videos on Youtube. You can create anything from dancing, singing, vlogging, comedy skits, make-up and beauty tips, and even unboxing gadgets like me!

Inside the Launchpad Studios

And you know the best things about Launchpad? Aspiring creators who’ll create and upload their videos on Launchpad will get a chance to meet industry professionals and top Youtubers. Not just that. Smart will also choose content creators to fly to Los Angeles, USA to collaborate with International YouTube Stars! Wow!

Michael Josh of Gadget Match and Bogart The Explorer of PaperBugTV

There will also be SMART Launchpad Upload Stations in SM malls and schools nationwide. With these upload stations, you can have fun with Photobooth and of course, create your own videos on their studios. Oh, and don’t worry about the equipment because they have almost everything that you need including camera, light, & costumes (YES!). But if you cannot upload at these Launchpad Upload stations, you can visit smart.com.ph/Lauchpad to directly upload your entries.


If you’re planning on visiting SMART Launchpad Upload stations, here’s their schedule:

  • July 30-31 at SM MOA
  • August 7-8 at SM Baguio
  • August 13-14 at SM Clark
  • August 27-28 at SM Iloilo
  • September 3-4 at SM North EDSA

Oh and don’t worry. Students will also get to experience this as Smart Launchpad Upload stations will be visiting some schools too!


Don’t have any ideas about how to make a video? Check out my YouTube Channel or just watch my video on how I started my channel.


So what are you waiting for? Start creating your content now and share it on Launchpad!


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