One of the newest smartphones to arrive in the country is the OPPO A77s and it’s pegged as one of the stylish smartphones in its range right now but make no mistake because this smartphone might be stylish but it doesn’t lack when it comes to performance and productivity.

The stylish design

First, let’s talk about the stylish design of the smartphone. It comes in Sunset Orange and also in Starry Black in where the former features a Fiberglass Leather design while the Starry Black, the unit that we have, comes with the signature OPPO Glow design. Along with that is the flat frame that makes it more solid and premium and while the two pack a different approach, both of them are beautiful and it’s really noticeable and attractive in public.

A capable hardware for productivity and casual gaming

The OPPO A77s might be one of the stylish smartphones in its price range but the smartphone also comes with a specifications that can help you in your normal workday and of course, to entertain you with some mobile games.

At the heart of the OPPO A77s is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor, a capable processor that is mature enough for most games and apps in the market right now. Since this chipset is so popular, a lot of the apps on the Play Store are optimized for this chip.

For the display, the smartphone comes with a large 6.56-inch display with an HD+ resolution and also a 90Hz refresh rate and touch sampling rate. This means that the display of the smartphone is more responsive. Having an HD+ resolution instead of Full HD+ might mean that it has a smaller resolution but this also means that the smartphone can yield a better battery life and also for gaming, it would have less objects to render which means that games tend to load faster and have better FPS. The OPPO A77s also supports IPX4 water resistance and also IP5X Dust Resistance that can protect your smartphone from splashes and dust

The OPPO A77s also comes with a 128GB of memory inside expandable via microSD  so downloading the apps and games that you need on the smartphone won’t be a problem. For the RAM, there’s the 8GB RAM as well that can be expanded up to 16GB which will give you more room for running apps and large documents on the smartphone which makes it perfect for productivity.

Gamers would love this smartphone

While the smartphone’s gaming prowess wasn’t highlighted that much, the OPPO A77s is very capable of running most of the popular games and apps in the market right now. The Snapdragon 680 chip is capable of running games like Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and even the demanding Genshin Impact can run on the smartphone at a very decent fps.

The 6.56-inch display of the smartphone is also perfect for those people playing MOBA or FPS games as their fingers would have enough space to move and swipe on the large display of the smartphone and won’t block too much of the movements in the game. There’s a stereo speaker as well which will give you a more immersive experience when playing games.

You can also play longer on the smartphone as the OPPO A77s comes with 5000mAh battery which will give you longer battery life and enough juice for a single work day. Charging is a breeze as well for it features 33W SuperVOOC Charging that can fully charge in a little over an hour.

A great partner for productivity

Aside from the hardware of the smartphone, the software is one of the important aspects of the device. The OPPO A77s features the ColorOS 12.1 that is based on Android 12, where it offers a smooth and seamless experience when using the smartphone. Opening apps and navigation on the smartphone is so smooth and user-friendly as well.

For productivity, the OPPO A77s is capable of multi-window so drag and dropping files from one app to another will be easy but my favorite is when I’m cross-referencing documents on the smartphone as I can open two apps at the same time.

OPPO has taken multi-tasking to another level with the FlexDrop combined with the Smart Sidebar. Launching your prioritized functions and apps on the smartphone is just a swipe away and you can even open it in a floating window making the OPPO A77s a perfect companion for your productivity needs.

It’s affordable

Overall, the features and innovations of the OPPO A77s has indeed set the bar high in its category. It is perfect to get you through the day, casual gaming and it can even boost your productivity level like never before.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your very own OPPO A77s for only Php13,99. Run to the nearest OPPO Brand Stores, kiosks, partner dealers or e-commerce websites such Lazada , Shopee, and TikTok Shop.


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