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OPPO rolls out 5G in EU, looks ahead for 6G

OPPO introduced their 5G ready smartphone at MWC earlier this year and it was made available in Switzerland with the availability of the OPPO Reno 5G smartphone in the country which became the first smartphone brand in the European market to offer a 5G product. Finally, the device will be available in the Philippines in the coming months and now they, they set their vision for the 6G technology.

The OPPO Reno launched in European market last April and it features 5G, 10x Zoom, and also an aesthetically pleasing design. The camera is also unique too as the OPPO Reno features a pivot rising structure that only appears when you need it.

Regarding 6G, OPPO is already looking forward to the future as they are envisioning to strengthen 5G with existing AI technology for human and system interaction. 6G will allow more intelligent systems and it will be AI-driven which means businesses will no longer human intervention.

Personally, I’m excited with what OPPO has in store for the consumers in the future. Now that they’re the first one to release a 5G phone in Europe, I won’t be surprised if they’ll do that in the Philippines too.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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