PLDT has been serious with improving their PLDT Home Fibr Experience to serve the Filipinos better and in line with that, they’ve launched the most powerful router in partnership with D-Link, the AC3200 router. Yes, that’s a great router for the country’s most powerful broadband, PLDT Home Fibr.


The D-Link AC 3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router is the best router if you have PLDT’s fast PLDT Home Fibr internet and of course, a multiple and demanding connection requirements. This is a tri-band router which means that you can maximize the full potential of your fast fiber connection even at W-Fi. For the 2.4GHz wireless band, it will allow up to 600 Mbps while the two 5 GHz can handle up to 1,300 MBps of speed. I know, it’s frickin fast and amazing for a wireless connection and thanks to Smart Connect Technology, the ultra-fast performance won’t be problematic.


Oh and another thing, the AC3200 also supports Smart Beaming Technology so you won’t have problems in the connection when you’re roaming around. Basically, this technology will amplify your gaming streaming and browsing experience.


If you don’t want the AC3200, you could opt for the AC 1900 which will still let you experience a fast internet thanks to its three detachable antennas, three amplifiers, and Dual Core Processor.


PLDT Home Fibr has the widest fiber coverage in the Philippines and it is now available in over 2.5 million homes and if you want to get one now, the plans start as low as P1699/month. And trust me, if you want to download media files faster, stream your games on YouTube or Facebook, or experience a lag-free experience on online games, then better get the PLDT Home Fibr now. For more information, log on to


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