The game’s theme is certainly new as Horizon Dawn Zero is set in a post-apocalyptic world but instead of looking at the world with dying environment, we’re seeing green forests, thriving plants, and grasses along with the machines. In this world, you’ll be living with different robots while the people went back to tribal.


“>The environment of the game was fun to explore. Although I wasn’t able to roam most of it since we’re only allowed up to Chapter 3 of the game. The environment doesn’t feel dull and I believe that the game was quite massive and there were different NPCs and objects that you could really interact with.


If you love Witcher 3 or Skyrim, you’ll definitely love this game. The skill tree and mechanics of the game is expansive but not complicated and it will definitely be fun to play with. The weapons have different functions and I’m pretty sure that you’ll be having fun playing with it by trapping and killing those machines.


The game is an open world with full of details and places. There are many things to see and since we’re having a full day cycle and weather systems, strategizing your attacks and approach to machines would be different every time.


Horizon Zero Dawn is a console seller. The combination of the tribal, green, & machine elements of the game is perfect. It’s no ordinary game and it might be open world but it has its unique features that I’m pretty sure that you guys would definitely love.


“>The Horizon Zero Dawn is exclusive to PS4 and PS4 Pro and it will be available this February 28, 2017


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