So here’s a big news and game changer in the living room. PLDT has just launched the PLDT TVolution Box and it now comes in the form of Roku Box. In case you’re not familiar with Roku. They’re a video streaming pioneer and with the Roku Box, it’s an all-in-one plug-and-play entertainment solution for the living room. For PLDT’s TVolution Box not only that you’ll be able to watch my videos on YouTube *winks* but you’ll also be able to watch videos from Netflix, Iflix, and even Cignal.

Yes, you only need an internet connection and a subscription to Cignal in order to watch TV channels on the Roku TVolution Box. Oh and not just that because PLDT’s Roku will also come with other applications that lets you watch videos and even play games such as Text Twist. Roku TVolution boxes are just really great for the living room.

So how can you get it? Well, it’s actually easy for you PLDT subscribers. All you need to do is to add P199 to your monthly billing and voila, you can now watch streaming services from different free or paid channels. The Roku TVolution box comes better with PLDT Home Fibr to experience a fast and flawless HD Stream to your Roku TVolution Box.


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