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Experience Ultra-Fast Wifi in EDSA with Smart!

Your commute in EDSA is about to get interesting as passengers of MRT will now be able to experience the ultra-fast internet speeds along the MRT stations and also along EDSA. What do I mean by ultra fast? Well, it’s really fast that you can reach Fiber internet speeds on the MRT.

The good thing about the free Wifi of Smart is that it’s available to all networks and for the free 30 minutes every day, you’ll be able to browse the internet for free without data cap. Yes, you can download and update your apps without problems in seconds thanks to the fiber speeds internet.

The super speed Wifi from Smart is available in all of the MRT platforms and also along EDSA. You’ll be able to browse the internet for free for 30 minutes per day however you can extend your internet session by purchasing P20 for 2 hours valid for 2 days, P50 for 10 hours valid for 5 days. You just need to text WIFI10, WIFI20,orWIFI50 to 9991.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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