This is probably the best thing to happen in the Olympics. Yep, it’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan has appeared as Mario with a giant pipe at the closing ceremony of the Olympics at Rio De Janeiro. So why is the Prime Minister wore the Mario dress and cap? Well, because in 2020, Tokyo will be hosting the Olympics and they’ve shown the teaser at the closing ceremony at Brazil.


The teaser video was already awesome but I didn’t expect that different characters from Nintendo such as Pac-man and Mario would be in the video. Not only that, Doraemon and other famous Japanese anime characters have also appeared in the teaser video.


Check out the awesome Tokyo 2020 Olympics teaser below:



It looks like the Olympics 2020 will also have a focus on geeks and gamers. Well, I hope that we could also see some awesome technologies and also some famous characters from different Japanese Publishers in Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


Source: @aBasithH


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