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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Review

The Samsung Galaxy J series is expected to be the affordable line of devices from the company. But of course, having an affordable device means that there should be compromises in the design or performance but with the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, actually, this smartphone doesn’t feel like it should belong to the J series because my experience with this smartphone is really good.


An all-metal body


The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime sports a premium and solid metal build that’s already been expected on most smartphones at its price range. The curves and the feel of the smartphone feel comfortable thanks to its rounded curves. The one that we reviewed was the black variant and it looks better than the white one IMO.


At the front, it is unmistakably a Samsung smartphone thanks to its rounded home button that also acts as a fingerprint sensor and also the back and recent tasks button. Unfortunately, these buttons don’t light up and some might find it hard to use it in the dark.


The fingerprint sensor is a surprising addition for the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and yes, it does perform well but it can read my fingerprint a little bit slow. Another thing to appreciate in the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is its 2.5D glass. I know, for some people they might find this feature useless but it actually adds beauty to the smartphone and when looking at it, you wouldn’t immediately know that this is the Galaxy J7 Prime because it looks pretty damn good.


On the side of the smartphone is the sim card slot tray and microSD card slot tray. Yep, the MicroSD card has a dedicated try in where you can expand the storage of the smartphone even more and yet you wouldn’t sacrifice your second sim card tray for that. But I actually didn’t use that because I felt that the 32GB of internal storage is already enough for me.


Not Super AMOLED but it’s still fine.


The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime might have metal build and a good hardware but instead of having a smartphone with a Super AMOLED display which is common to Samsung smartphones, they opted for a TFT display on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. Is it bad? No. Actually, the display of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime looks fine.


It’s a full HD display and it does look fine but it doesn’t have the vivid and colourful Super AMOLED display which can be seen on other Samsung smartphones. Viewing angles and color accuracy isn’t perfect but still acceptable for me. Actually, I’m already happy that this one sports a Full HD display instead of HD.


Great performance


One of the things that I love in the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is its performance. It packs an Exynos 7870 Octa-Core processor and also a 3GB of RAM which performs really great. It might not be the best processor around but it does trump most CPUs in its price range. In my experience, most apps and games would run on this smartphone without problems however you should take note that you should tone down the graphics a little bit on some apps and games.


I tried Asphalt 8 and it does play really well as long as you adjust the graphics. NBA 2k17 also works on this smartphone and actually, I could even turn to low-medium settings and the game is still playable.


Samsung has never changed. They still run on TouchWiz UI and yes, the eye candies and transitions on the phone looks nice, however, there’s no multi-window on this smartphone, a feature that I really love on Samsung smartphones.


Enough Battery life


The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime has a 3300mAh battery and it is more than enough to most people. In my average use, I could use the day smartphone in an average day at school and still have around 20% of juice when I get home. I barely use my power bank when I’m with this smartphone.


A fine camera


The flagship smartphone of Samsung has one of the best cameras that you can find on a smartphone and I was not surprised that the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime does have a camera with f/1.9 aperture. Well, the camera isn’t as good as the one that can be found on the Galaxy A series smartphones but it does the job well. It’s bright and sometimes, the camera misses the right colors and exposures but still, it does a pretty good job for a mid-range smartphone. However, if you want a smartphone dedicated for selfies, this might not be your best choice. Check out the shots that I took using the smartphone.



The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is a fine mid-range smartphone from the company. It has exceeded my expectations and for its price, Samsung did a pretty good job on this one. The smartphone has a good build, performs really well, has a good battery life, and the camera is just fine. My experience with this smartphone was great and for its price, I think the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is a great smartphone.


The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is now available for Php 13,990

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Jam Ancheta
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