Yes, you read that title right. Samsung has developed a new remote that can charge using radio frequencies like WiFi. Yep, no need to get a charger anymore for your remote on your TV with Samsung SolarCell Remote.

This eliminates battery waste with its built-in solar panel and it can even help the environment — a promise made by Samsung for its long term goals. Samsung has also announced that the SolarCell Remote will be made open source so that even other can create and utilize their device as well.

Aside from that, they also have plans to make all of their TV and phone chargers to operate at near zero standby power so that these products will consume almost no energy when not used.

Last year, all of Samsung’s TV boxes included recycled materials and they’re now expanding the use of recycled materials to include the boxes’ interior packaging as well. Recycled materials will now be incorporated to its Styrofoam, box holders, and plastic bags.


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