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SMART and Globe now utilizes the 700MHz spectrum

San Miguel has finally given up their telco ambitions by letting go of the 700MHz band to both Globe and Smart for $1,000,000,000.


After months of rumors that San Miguel will be joining the telco industry  by using their 700MHz band, it has finally given in by letting go of their telco dreams.


So what does this mean for consumers? Actually, you might not care about the 700MHz but this will actually improve the internet services here in the country. The 700MHz spectrum also works well and it will let you have a stronger signal reception even when inside your house or condominium and it will also have a wider coverage than other bands.


However, some devices that we have right now doesn’t support 700MHz yet but don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that Smart will soon sell devices that will fully utilize the 700MHz band. According to Smart, we can also expect that the internet will improve in the next 6 months so yeah, the telco industry here in the country is getting really interesting.


Here’s a short video of Smart regarding the 700MHz LTE:

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Jam Ancheta
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