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Starmobile Knight Elite Review

Starmobile has been aggressive lately as they priced their smartphones competitively in the local market and one of those smartphones that are priced competitively is the Starmobile Knight Elite. This smartphone wasn’t really a looker back then because of its pricing but recently, Starmobile has slashed the price of the Starmobile Knight Elite


Design and Hardware


When you first laid your eyes on this smartphone, you know that the looks of the smartphone aren’t disappointing. The smartphone comes in a fairly size and its looks is similar to the flagship of Sony, the Sony Xperia Z5. Both the front and back of the smartphone is flat while the front of the smartphone features a glass display, the back is plastic but it still feels amazing.

Starmobile Knight Elite 5

There’s the rounded frame on the smartphone too, however, the smartphone isn’t really comfortable to the hand due to the flat back but don’t worry because the smartphone isn’t really that big to become too unwieldy to hold. Overall, the smartphone looks amazing and I love using the smartphone everywhere due to its amazing design.

Starmobile Knight Elite 3

The Starmobile Mobile Knight Elite doesn’t have a removable back cover too which gives way to a sim card tray which is located on the right side of the phone. Both the volume rocker and the power button is located on the left side of the phone and I often recognize the volume button as the power button due to its positioning.

Starmobile Knight Elite 4

The smartphone doesn’t have capacitive buttons which gave way for on-screen buttons which are also cleaner and way better than capacitive buttons.

Starmobile Knight Elite 2


Starmobile Knight Elite 7

One advantage of having this smartphone is its display. The Starmobile Mobile Knight Elite packs a 5-inch 1080p display and while you might notice that at first sight, but you’ll eventually notice that when you’re watching videos and checking out pictures that the phone’s display is really sharp.

Starmobile Knight Elite 9

The outdoor visibility of the display is pretty good too and it’s really great for its price. The display is very responsive and overall, the display is one of the best things about this device


Software and Performance


The Starmobile Knight Elite is powered by a Snapdragon 615 processor and this is just one of the few Snapdragon 615-powered devices that are below P7,000. There’s a 2GB of RAM too which is just enough for most consumers and some casual gamers.

Starmobile Knight Elite 12

One advantage of having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor over a MediaTek processor is its performance, yes, the MediaTek processor counterpart might be more powerful when it comes to games but still, the Snapdragon 615 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to battery life, performance and phone functionalities. The smartphone’s battery could last up to a day of average use without using a powerbank and the performance of the smartphone is decent and it can run games such as Minecraft and if you’re planning on playing NBA 2k16 on this smartphone then you can put it up to medium settings

Starmobile Knight Elite 11

I’m also happy with the UI of the smartphone since this one doesn’t have the too much bloatwares in it and the UI of the Starmobile Knight Elite is very clean. But just like the other Starmobile smartphones, this smartphone still comes with the Starmobile apps such as the Starmobile Sync 2.0, Starmobile App Store and Starmobile care but I’m pretty sure that you won’t use those applications.

Starmobile Knight Elite 12


Starmobile Knight Elite 6

I’ve used the camera of the Starmobile Knight Elite for a while and I wasn’t disappointed with it. Most shots at well-lit conditions were pretty good and they got the right colors and contrasts but sometimes, I noticed that the images that I took were a little bit too overexposed or the highlights were too bad. But if you want a smartphone that can load the decent smartphone with an average camera quality then you would probably like this smartphone. Check out the shots that I took using this smartphone:

IMG_20160417_091813 IMG_20160410_104405 IMG_20160410_133912 IMG_20160414_142251


Starmobile Knight Elite 1

Before, the smartphone’s pricing is a little bit too expensive for some but with the recent price markdown of the smartphone, this smartphone have become one of the best buys for its price range. The smartphone got a pretty good display, the performance is decent, and the camera is average. For some people, they might not like its size since phablet have become the trend but still, the Starmobile Knight Elite is one of the best smartphone that you can get right now at its price range.


The Starmobile Knight Elite is now available for P6,490

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