Starmobile recently lend us a review unit of the Starmobile Up Snap. It was introduced last year and it gathered a lot of attention because this smartphone is the first local branded smartphone to have an ultrapixel camera. So what is an ultrapixel camera? Basically, the ultrapixel camera of the Starmobile Up Snap gives you brighter images even at low light without the need of flash. Want to know more about this smartphone? Check out my review below.


Design and construction

 Starmobile Up Snap2

The design of the Starmobile Up Snap is very straightforward. It’s simple & solid but the looks of the smartphone is generic. But despite having a generic look, the Starmobile Mobile Up Snap feels very solid when you hold it. At the sides of the smartphone you could see the chrome edges which makes the phone look prettier.

Starmobile Up Snap4

Starmobile Up Snap3

The Starmobile Up Snap feels solid because of its squarish body and a really tough build however, the smartphone is harder to hold because of its squarish build. Nonetheless, the heavy squarish build comes with a positive side because this smartphone packs a large 2900 mAh battery which we will talk about later.


Inside the smartphone is a Dual-sim card slot and a microSD card slot. You could also find the speaker grill at the back and unfortunately, it will give you a not so satisfying audio quality.

Starmobile Up Snap10


Unfortunately, the Starmobile Up Snap’s battery is non-removable but hey, the 2900mAh battry is pretty big for a smartphone with a 5-inch display that’s why I got 11 hours of browsing or 8 hours of video. Actually, those numbers are pretty good.


Starmobile Up Snap9


 Starmobile Up Snap5

There’s a 5-inch FWVGA display on the Starmobile Up Snap and thankfully, the viewing angles are pretty good thanks to the IPS display but of course, having a 5-inch smartphone with FWVGA resolution isn’t really pleasing to the eye. But hey, at least I can use this smartphone even at direct sunlight.


Software and performance

 Starmobile Up Snap8

The smartphone packs a Broadcom processor. It’s really an odd move to have a Broadcom processor inside a smartphone. The performance doesn’t really shine and it isn’t as stellar as MediaTek and Qualcomm processors. Its performance isn’t even comparable to quad-core processors of both companies.


Aside from the Broadcom processor there’s 1GB of RAM inside the smartphone and sometimes the smartphone feels so sluggish especially in multitasking. Speaking of performance, the smartphone only got a score of 12504 in Antutu.


When it comes to gaming, You won’t really enjoy playing on the Starmobile Up Snap except when you’re planning on playing light and casual games such as Clash of Clans and Subway Surfer. However heavy games such as Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8 won’t run pretty well on this smartphone.



Starmobile Up Snap7 

The Starmobile Up Snap packs an 8-Megapixel ultrapixel camera. The ultrapixel camera was first introduced by HTC in where you can get amazing low-light shots even without the need of LED flash thanks to its technology and software.


Actually, the Starmobile Up Snap has a bigger resolution because the HTC One M8 only uses a 4-Megapixel Ultrapixel camera while the Starmobile Up Snap uses an 8-Megapixel Ultrapixel rear camera.


So the question is whether the camera of the Starmobile Up Snap is really good? Yes, it is. At low light, it performs pretty well than other smartphones in its price range. The shots that I took are warmer than I expected and it has more depth. Most images are sharp and very detailed. Check out the shots that I took using the Starmobile Up Snap.

IMG_23052015_102938 IMG_23052015_095629 IMG_23052015_095608 IMG_13062015_201124 IMG_13062015_201110



 Starmobile Up Snap6

Starmobile Up Snap doesn’t have the same processing power of the latest quad-core MediaTek and Qualcomm processors but the Starmobile Up Snap does have a good camera for lowlight and a very long battery life thanks to its 2900mAh battery.


If you don’t play too much games and if you want a smartphone that has a long battery life and a good camera at an affordable price then the Starmobile Up Snap is for you. You may now get this smartphone for P5,990 at Starmobile Kiosks, stores and Authorized resellers. The smartphone also comes with a free phone case and screen protector.


  1. I just bought Starmobile’s Up Snap for my Mom’s birthday. Btw, thanks for capturing Good Shepherd’s MMTDFI, it is actually my aunt who created that part of the landscape for she is the landscaper of Good Shepherd among Baguio, Cubao and Tagaytay… 😉


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