If you’re a Sun Postpaid and Prepaid user, you’ll now enjoy their newest offering, the Sun iBundles. So what’s with Sun iBundles? It offers different packages for different consumer’s internet needs. So what are these packages? Check out the iBundles and apps included below:


    Price Keyword  
SOCIAL BUNDLE Unlimited access to: Facebook, Twitter, Waze, Foursquare, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Path P199 SOCIAL199 247
EMAIL BUNDLE Unlimited access  to:Outlook.com, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, P199 EMAIL199
PHOTO BUNDLE Unlimited access to: Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Regram, Imgur, Tumblr P199 PHOTO199


This promo is great especially for those people who wants unlimited access on specificWith the social bundle, you’ll always be updated with the latest happenings on social media especially on MWC 2015 that’ll happen next week at Barcelona. If you’re workaholic, it’ll be great if you can access your email anywhere with the email bundle and if you love taking selfies or reblogging posts on tumblr, then the Photo bundle will be great for you.


You don’t have to worry about additional data charges because their newest service, Safezone Paywall, will ensure you that you’ll only access sites and apps that are part of the package. If you want to know more about Sun iBundles, head over to http://bit.ly/iBundles



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