MEC Networks Corporation recently launch their partnership with Fortinet, a security company at 71st Floor, Gramercy Residences


Fortinet is a network security market leader and worldwide provider of network security appliances. When it comes to high-performance network security systems, Fortinet is one of the known manufacturers. MEC Networks Corporation wants to introduce the latest network security innovations in the Philippines with Fortinet’s network appliances.


“Today, we are number two in Asia Pacific. And number one in my region – Southeast Asia and Hongkong in terms of most UTM  appliances. Solution has gone from the small end to the big. So we have solutions almost in every area,” said George Chang, Vice President of Fortinet for Southeast Asia and Hongkong.


This partnership appoints MEC as the official distributor of Fortinet’s network security products in the country. Fortinet’s solution suite will include high performance firewalls for data centers, Next Generation firewall for the enterprise and Unified Thret Management for distributed offices.


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