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vivo V27 Series 5G: Your vlogging studio in your pocket

The vivo V27 Series smartphone is the newest smartphone series in the market right now and it features a lot of things that consumers would definitely love including a brand new feature that we haven’t seen on smartphones – Aura Portrait Algorithm feature and of course, there’s the Photochromic 2.0 color changing back as well.

But is it really a vlogging studio in your pocket? Well, with the OIS Ultra-sensing Camera and the 50MP Eye HD AF Front-facing camera, we would definitely love the camera of the smartphone whether we want it for video or photo. But is it enough as a vlogging studio?

Aura Portrait Algorithm Light

The Aura light is the most unique feature of this smartphone. We haven’t seen this one before yet on a smartphone and man, it was really a game changer as this one offers something that other smartphone flashes can’t offer – a more natural way of lighting for your selfies and videos. Here are some of the sample shots using the Aura Portrait Algorithm of the smartphone:

Thanks to its shape and structure, the Aura Light feature of the smartphone actually works like a ring light that you have at home. So your portrait videos and photos at home does look like you have natural lighting vs. most flash/LED flash on smartphones.

In this photo, you could definitely see that the Aura Portrait has definitely improved the shot

It’s actually pretty easy to use because this one already acts as your flash for your smartphone and with our shots at low light, I was pretty happy with the shots that I got on the smartphone. It’s very easy to use Aura Portrait at night, all you need to do is to 

Aside from the Aura Portrait Algorithm feature of the smartphone, the vivo V27 5G also comes with some features that will help you in your vlogging and photos including OIS+EIS Dual Stabilization on the smartphone so taking videos will be smoother than ever even if your hands are shaky or even if you’re walking around and using the smartphone to take videos. Not only that, the Dual Stabilization feature of the vivo V27 5G also helps in the Super Night Mode on the smartphone as it brightens and captures accurate colors despite the lack of lighting. 

Combined with that feature is the 50MP rear and 50MP Eye AF vlogging front camera as well which has been upgraded vs. the previous generation. We can take better photos and videos with more details and brighter images thanks to the new camera of the smartphone.

Photochromic 2.0 Technology

One of the unique features of the vivo V series is the Photochromic 2.0 feature. This one isn’t new as we’ve seen this before on previous vivo smartphones. The Emerald Green Color variant that we got is the hero color of the smartphone and I do love the marble jade color of the smartphone.

Not only that the smartphone does look premium but it also looks gorgeous and unique with its look. The smartphone also comes in different colors as well but the selection of colors that are available are really eye-catching and pleasing to the eyes.

Aside from that is the thin 7.36mm body of the vivo V27 5G that makes the smartphone sexy and also really ergonomic. It’s the thinnest vivo smartphone ever and it also comes with a 3D Curved Screen that looks beautiful and again, it does improve the ergonomics of the smartphone. Overall, the vivo V27 5G offers a sexy and premium design that offers amazing ergonomics. It’s also the thinnest among all the vivo smartphones which gives the smartphone a sexier and better body.


The camera of the vivo V27 series smartphones is one of the highlights as expected. In our vivo V27 5G, the smartphone features a main camera with Sony IMX766V Sensor that captures amazing shots. Paired with that is the 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera and also a 2MP Macro Camera. And of course, there’s the Aura Light Portrait, which enhances and brightens your shots and videos.

One of the things that I love about the smartphone is the OIS+EIS Dual Stabilization of the smartphone. Not only that it really helped in the stabilized videos of the smartphone, it also helps in the shots that we took during nighttime. Since the smartphone packs stabilized shots, taking a video and walking around or even at taking a video while running, you would definitely feel how good the stabilization of the smartphone is.

The V Series smartphone is known for its selfie camera and the vivo V27 5G doesn’t disappoint as this one comes with a 50MP HD AF Selfie and the quality that we’re getting from the selfie camera was excellent. 

The rear camera of the smartphone was amazing. It’s a leap from the previous V series smartphones as we’re now getting more natural and flagship level shots on the smartphone. 

There’s the Aura Light Portrait Shot on the smartphone where you can get brighter and better shots especially when taking portrait photos. It lightens up the eyes which gives you a glowing face and it’s a lot better than taking normal portrait shots on other smartphones. The Super Night Mode has also improved on the smartphone so the night shots are a lot better on the smartphone.

In our experience with the smartphone, we noticed that the vivo V27 5G can capture a highly detailed shot with the right colors even with the flash on thanks to the Aura Light of the smartphone. The Night shots that we took are a lot better as well and despite shooting at the dark, we noticed that it was brighter and the shots were a lot better.

Other hardware features

For the battery of the vivo V27 5G, the smartphone features a 4600mAh battery and it we got an all day battery on the smartphone as it was optimized and the charging? Boy, it was fast as the smartphone comes with 66W Fast Charging. It was really awesome as I don’t need to find a charger or a power bank in my single work day.

The chipset inside the smartphone is a Mediatek Dimensity 7200 processor and the benchmarks were as expected, the performance was consistent and everything that I needed to run including the latest games like Genshin Impact on the smartphone. There’s a decent amount of memory as well the smartphone features a 256GB of internal storage which is more than enough for games and apps that you need and then there’s the 20GB of Dynamic RAM so running apps simultaneously would be fine. Game boost has also helped in the performance of the smartphone as it optimizes the smartphone for the game. 

In our benchmark, we got a decent score on both 3D Mark and also in Geekbench which gives us the impression that the smartphone can run modern games and heavy apps.

Another to love about the smartphone is the 120hz refresh rate which will give you a smoother and more responsive display. This gives you an advantage when playing games as well.


All in all, the vivo V27 5G that we’re reviewing right now is something that every consumer can definitely love. It features a sexy and premium design, a capable camera with Aura Light that is unique on the smartphone.

So if you’re the type of person who loves to have these features then you should take a look at the vivo V27 5G. The vivo V27 5G is now available for Php24,999 but if you want the more affordable variant, you can get the vivo V27e for only Php16,999.

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