Looks like we all been fooled last April 1 because the latest product that ASUS has revealed, the ASUS ROG Ally, turned out to be real! ASUS ROG Facebook Page has confirmed that the handheld Windows console, the ASUS ROG Ally is real and it’s not fake at all. And yes, this one competes against the Steam Deck

The details are still scarce about the device but we can expect here a 16:9 1080P display with a 120Hz resolution, a rare spces on a handheld device like this one. Aside from that, it will come with RGB lighting, a D-Pads, Xbox-layout buttons, shoulder buttons and back buttons.

Unlike other devices, this one will come with an custom RDNA3 AMD chip inside which is customized for this device and it will also support XG Mobile for your additional ports and of course, a more powerful GPU.

For now, the ASUS ROG Ally’s launch and availability hasn’t been announced yet but for those people living in the US and are interested with the device, they can register their interest at bestbuy.com


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