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You’ll never be alone again with the Selfie Arm

Money can buy you tickets to travel the world, buy luxurious items, and of course, money can give you happiness because money can pay your internet bills. But there’s one thing money can’t buy and that’s love. Without love, there’s no one to take a selfie with you and of course, there’s no one who’ll take a photo of you while you’re holding his hand. Because y’know,  some people think it’s romantic if you post photos on Facebook in where you hold your other half’s hand and then he’ll take a photo of you.


You don’t have to worry with your selfies anymore even if you’re single and you don’t have someone to flirt with because there’s a new product called the selfie arm. Instead of the typical selfie stick, the selfie arm provides a selfie stick with a fake arm.


No one will ever say that you’re forever alone again. Another good idea is you could create your imaginary boyfriend and you could just create a fake account on Facebook pretending to be your boyfriend and of course, tagged him in your photos.



Source: Justin Crowe Studio

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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