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Final Fantasy VII comes to iOS today

Holy shit guys. One of the best games in the history of mankind is coming to iOS. If you guess Final Fantasy VII, then you are damn right. Yes, this is no emulator and Square Enix has finally ported their best game ever to our mobile devices and don’t worry, you can see a touch optimized UI  so you can finally play Cloud on your iOS devices and see those heartwrenching and shocking moments at Final Fantasy VII (I don’t want to spoil anything kids)

For now, Final Fantasy VII will only be available for iOS devices, meaning, you can only play this on your iPhones and iPads. Just like the other Final Fantasy games on the App Store, this game would cost a ridiculous price of $15.99. Yeah, shit. Final Fantasy VII for iOS will be available at the App store in a bit (August 20).
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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