Indie developer Inflexion Games has launched its fantasy survival game Nightingale into early access on PC. It is now available for purchase on Steam and the Epic Games Store for PHP 910.

KV Nightingale Launch
KV Nightingale Launch

Set in a magical realm called the Faewilds, Nightingale is described as a shared world PVE survival-crafting experience. Players traverse portals to explore different realms either solo or in co-op groups of up to 5 friends. Gameplay involves crafting cards to travel between realms, building customized estates, and fighting to survive against enemies.

The launch early access version contains core features and content that Inflexion Games plans to expand over time based on player community feedback. Post-launch updates will bring additional realms, environments, crafting recipes, base building options, playable characters and more.

In a statement, Inflexion Games’ CEO Aaryn Flynn said the studio aims to foster an engaging community and deliver new content via continuous live service updates. The developer was formed in 2018 and is comprised of over 100 team members with backgrounds working on franchises like Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Far Cry.

Nightingale is now accessible on Steam and the Epic Games Store for PHP 910. The game is also available via GeForce Now cloud streaming service.


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