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Pokemon GO access blocked in PH

It’s a sad day for us soon-to-be Filipino Pokemon masters as we have to lay down our caps, backpacks, and pokeballs as the most awaited mobile game has been blocked in the country.


Earlier today, Pokemon GO was released publicly to Australia and New Zealand and a barrage of APKs have been flooded for Android users and iOS users have switched their region to Australi or New Zealand just to access and download Pokemon GO. But unfortunately, Niantic and Pokemon was quick to block countries that are not included in the official release of Pokemon GO.


We’ve tried VPN and mocking our GPS but it seems that those tricks doesn’t work. Also, you won’t be able to see Pokestops, Pokemons, and other markings anymore in the Philippines.


So what do we do now? Well, the only thing that we can do is wait for the official release of Pokemon GO here in the Philippines.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta likes to create content about tech. But he also hates tech.


  1. What a bummer. I googled for many hours now how to get through the restriction but to no avail. Fck. Pls update

  2. Problems with Filipino, they don’t listen and they don’t follow rules. that’s why Niantic and Pokemon Company are blocking all illegal attempts from the philippines, if you really thing you’re the smartest guy in the world then go bypass the region lock. you don’t mess with the Pokemon Company. if filipinos will continue to do this then the IP Block will be permanent. sorry to all self proclaimed filipino pokemon master but you don’t get to play this one. ahahahahahahah

    • They shouldn’t do this, it’s strait-up discrimination. What now; playing the game is illegal? Discriminating entire regions is unethical!

  3. Hey man, it’s not block, it’s just that the servers are overflowing that’s why it’s hard to access. What are your sources that other regions are blocked?

  4. A message to all Filipinos, and other countries that try to illegally play PokeGO

    Mga tech geek diyan, mga feeling hacker, please lang wag niyo silang subukan 🙁
    ayaw natin tong maging permanent diba? shut up na lang tayo pleeeeeeeeeease para di tayo ma-perma ban.
    wag tayong magtapang-tapangan, hindi tayo gumawa niyan, wala saatin ang rights, at kung tutuosin dapat nga tayo kasuhan dahil cyber crime ang ginagawa natin (kasali ako lol).
    tawag niyan piracy

  5. I may not be a reliable source but please understand that it is not blocked PERMANENTLY.
    Why? simply because it is POKEMON.
    Think, if Niantics and Pokemon would block a Country, it would decrease the income of the App.
    which simply means NO MONEY FOR THEM.

    plus, it’s a game where millions of people adore in their childhood.

    This is not all the reasons why it is not Permanently Blocked.
    Just fix the article, because it is quite misleading.

    (Not angry or anything, it’s just somehow inappropriate)

  6. Hindi ba pwedeng temporary restriction lang para sa PH habang tinetesting? Hirap kasi sa inyo, puro kayo atat. Uso maghintay. Sa taong mahal mo nga nakapaghintay ka kahit pinapaasa ka na, ito pang nalaro mo na pero medyo nadelay ka lang?

  7. Pano kasi atat masyado, lahat kasi gusto lumakas kaya nagdownload kagad apk. Ayan mukha kayong binasura ngayon.. LOL




  8. I hope you fix it soon as posible i am filipino trainer i want to play pokemon go …..please fix it soon as posible many filipino want to play that game

    Thank you !


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