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TNC Pro team wins $800,000 at WESG DOTA 2 Competition

TNC keep on surprising us as they win the WESG DOTA 2 Competition as they beat Denmark’s Cloud 9. The TNC Pro Team has won $800,000 in the competition and it is currently the biggest prize money that any Filipino Esport team has got in an e-sports tournament. The TNC Pro Team is composed of Raven, Kuku, Sam_H, Ryor, & Tims and yes, they just brought in $800,000 or Php 39,000,000.


The TNC Pro Team previously lost to Digital Chaos at TI6 but they still managed to secure $500,000 or around Php 20,000,000.


Source: Wykrhm Reddy

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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