The pandemic gives a silver lining for gamers looking to complete their backlog of games and discover new ones thanks to their free time. And while we get free games from Steam and Epic Games Store from time to time, you don’t usually see recent triple-A titles slashed at a 100% percent. If you’re looking to get some of the latest games at a discount, here are the top 5 game stores that you should check every now and then.

1. Humble Bundle

TOP 5 Sites To Buy Games At A Discount - Humble Bundle

Remember that free game you got because someone posted it on social media? Chances are it’s from Humble Bundle. is known for its incredibly cheap game bundles and triple-A monthly game subscription loot. Buyers can opt to donate the Proceeds from bundles and game package subscriptions to charity.


TOP 5 Sites To Buy Games At A Discount -GOG

GOG Galaxy is well-loved by gamers thanks to its no DRM policy. Most of the games they offer can be played offline. Moreover, unlike Steam, Origin, and Uplay, GOG’s gaming client is optional since most of its games are DRM-free, thus removing the need for a “constantly checking” software. One thing I personally love about GOG is its hassle-free 30-day refund program.

3. G2A.COM

TOP 5 Sites To Buy Games At A Discount - G2A

G2A is a hit or miss if you’re looking for great deals. The site is also a marketplace platform for third-party sellers to offer game keys at a discount. Due to the nature of the marketplace, some keys might be sourced from illegal means. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the best stores that offer huge discounts and has the largest game library available.

4. Fanatical – formerly bundlestars

TOP 5 Sites To Buy Games At A Discount - fanatical

Fanatical might sound new to the ear but you’ve probably stumbled upon their former name, bundlestars. Fanatical is also a bundle-based store similar to humble bundle. Fanatical also offers random steam game keys for a set amount.

5. Green Man Gaming

TOP 5 Sites To Buy Games At A Discount - GMG

Green man gaming is a mixture of all of the sites mentioned above. What’s unique about GMG is it offers console games and VR games as well. GMG also hosts flash sales so be sure to check on it every other day.


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