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Heneral Luna Movie Review

I am a tech blogger and I rarely write movie reviews because I’m not that person to ask when it comes to things like this. But I love movies. Yes, I do. I bet most of us love watching movies too and recently, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard of Heneral Luna. Yeah, that film that depicts the life of Antonio Luna when the Americans invaded us. Well, a lot of reviewers gave Heneral Luna a positive review and that’s why we decided to watch the film too. And in this article, you’ll read a review of a guy who blogs about tech and knows nothing about showbiz but still decided to review the film.


Ok guys, Heneral Luna is a really good film. Ughm No. Putang ina. Heneral Luna is a great film. Actually, I don’t remember any Filipino films just like this one. No, this film doesn’t have the same level of those films that are topping the charts of Metro Manila Film Festival. Heneral Luna is a masterpiece. It’s a film that every Filipino can be proud of. Trust me, Heneral Luna is really fucking good. There, I said it.


So I’ve told you the verdict of the film. It’s good and it’s awesome. But let’s get into the details of the film. Okay, I’m not a showbiz guy but I mostly recognize most of the actors and actresses on the film. And yes folks, these people are veteran in the industry and they are really good in this film. Actually, I got to work with Alex Medina who plays Capt. Bernal in the film and he’s really a great guy and great actor.


I was caught off guard in this film. I didn’t expect that the film would be funny but it is also informative, harsh, and violent. It’s really rare to see a Filipino film like this and I really like how they combined it into a single film. Like what I’ve said, the film is informative and I was shocked to discover some things and details that I’ve missed about Gen. Luna. But if you don’t know what will happen to Antonio Luna, I’m pretty sure that you didn’t listen to your teachers back in the grade school or high school.


John Arcilla, the guy who plays the security guard in Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner and now, he’s Antonio Luna  and he played the character really well. He’s the perfect fit for Heneral Luna. By just looking at him in the film, you could feel that he could adjust to everything about Antonio Luna. He’s harsh and violent but he’s soft when you need him too. And yes, I love it when he say Putang ina in the film.


Some of the notable actors in the film are Epi Quizon who plays the very calm and smart Apolinario Mabini and Ketchup Eusebio who plays Capt. Janolino. Ketchup is known as a comedian and in this film, he’s not just a comic relief but also a serious actor who knows how to play his character well.


Okay, I’m not a good reviewer when it comes to movies but Heneral Luna is a must-watch film. The film features a little bit of gore but it is very fun to watch. It’s good and harsh but the film is still informative. The film greatly captures the spirit of the life Antonio Luna. 5/5 for this film.


Ay hindi, Putang ina. 6/5 for Heneral Luna.




Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta likes to create content about tech. But he also hates tech.


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