OPPO has recently outed their newest mid-range smartphone with 5G inside, the OPPO A98 5G. The smartphone is made for those people who wants a smartphone with basic needs and also 5G inside.

OPPO A98 5G: Design and hardware

OPPO A G Philippines

The OPPO A98 5G is a mid-range smartphone that comes with a design that is quite common in the market now. It has the OPPO Glow design as well but the review unit that we got comes in cool black.

OPPO A G Philippines

Again, the smartphone does have a generic feel when holding it and the ergonomics are just fine. They’re easy to hold despite having flat sides on the smartphone. 

OPPO A G Philippines

Of course, the smartphone comes with the basic things that we need which includes USB-C port that supports 67W SuperVOOC Charging and also a headphone jack below along with the speaker grill. The volume rocker and the power button are easy to reach despite using it in one hand.

OPPO A G Philippines

OPPO A98 5G: Display

OPPO A G Philippines

The OPPO A98 5G comes with a 120Hz 6.72-inch Full HD+ display with IPS panel. It’s not as impressive as the AMOLED panels out there and the colors aren’t as good as the AMOLED panel but navigating it on menus and settings is pretty smooth. 

Again, the colors aren’t the best one because of its IPS Panel but it does the job done when it comes to direct sunlight legibility. Overall, expect a smooth display here but don’t expect the same colors of the AMOLED panels.

OPPO A98 5G: Battery

For the battery, the OPPO A98 5G comes with 5000mAh battery and it’s a decent and average size of a battery for its class and while PC Mark Work 3.0 Battery test keeps on crashing on us, we still manage to get a whole day or even a day and a half of battery life on the smartphone.

The best part about the smartphone is the charging speeds as the OPPO A98 5G comes with 67W SuperVOOC charging which let’s you fully charge the smartphone in less than an hour from 0%.

OPPO A98 5G: Software and performance

OPPO A G Philippines

For its software, the OPPO A98 5G comes with ColorOS 13.1 that is based on Android 13. As expected, it was smooth, responsive and it’s user-friendly. It comes with a lot of bloat wares but most of them are useful and most of them doesn’t affect my experience with the smartphone.

As for the performance, it comes with the basic Snapdragon 695 processor which is the brains behind the smartphone and also the 5G capability. It also packs an 8GB of RAM which is already enough for most smartphones these days.

Social media and most apps won’t be a problem on the smartphone as the OPPO A98 5G can handle most of that. It can also do light gaming but if you’re planning on playing heavier games on the smartphone, do expect to play it at a lower framerate or you might have to tone down the graphics settings to enjoy it.

OPPO A98 5G: Camera

OPPO A G Philippines

For the camera of the smartphone, the OPPO A98 5G comes with 64MP main camera along with 2MP depth sensor and 2MP microscope camera. Yes, it’s a microscope camera which is a fun feature to use but I barely use it and it’s a feature that it’s nice to have but that useful in our everyday usage. While for the selfie camera, there’s the 32MP selfie camera.

Microscopic camera:

Main camera and ultrawide camera:

For the quality that I’m getting from the OPPO A98 5G’s main camera, it’s pretty much average but the lack of ultra-wide camera on the smartphone is a big miss for me. Check out the photos that we took using the smartphone

OPPO A98 5G: Verdict

OPPO A G Philippines

The OPPO A98 5G is a smartphone that is meant for consumers who just wants an all-around midrange smartphone that they can use everyday. It might not have a groundbreaking feature or a feature that shines but the decent performance for basic apps, long battery life and fast charging makes it great for those people who aren’t looking for performance and amazing features. Just a normal and average smartphone that they can use everyday. 


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