Tecno Mobile has been consistent with offering Android devices to the market that are affordable to the market and the CAMON series of the brand focuses on offering affordable devices with outstanding cameras and one of their latest products in the series is the TECNO Camon 17P, their latest device that packs a 64MP quad-camera setup and also Helio G85 processor inside. Wanna know more about it? Check it out in our review below

TECNO Camon 17P Review: Design and hardware

The TECNO Camon 17P features a plastic build overall. At the back, we got here a plastic back with the large CAMON logo at the back with the O resembles a shutter gives us a clue that the smartphone really focuses on the camera.

When you hold the smartphone, you can already feel that this one is made up of plastic so it doesn’t really feel premium at all but the color of it and it does look pretty cool from afar. The body of the smartphone is also thin and since this one is made up of plastic, the TECNO Camon 17P is really light. This also means that the smartphone is ergonomic and light to hold so using the smartphone from your pocket in one hand would be a breeze.

For the card tray, the TECNO Camon 17P comes with a triple card tray so you can use your dual sim cards and also your microSD card on the smartphone in case the 128GB Internal storage of the smartphone isn’t enough for you.

The back of the smartphone is definitely clean because there’s no fingerprint scanner at the back and the camera module design looks clean with its vertical quadruple lens on the smartphone. When it comes to the port, the TECNO Camon 17P comes with a USB-C port that supports 18W Flash Charge and also a USB-C port which is nicely placed and spaced before so you wouldn’t have problems with accessories plugging into the smartphone.

For the fingerprint scanner, the smartphone comes with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner which feels more natural to use on the smartphone.

TECNO Camon 17P Review: Display

For the display, the TECNO Camon 17P comes with a large 6.8-inch Full HD+ Dot-in display which is large enough for watching videos on YouTube and of course, for playing games on the smartphone, the large display of the TECNO Camon 17P is perfect for that. The Full HD+ resolution also adds to the sharpness of the display of the smartphone. It’s bright enough and for normal usage on the smartphone, you would definitely appreciate it.

TECNO Camon 17P Review: Battery life

For the battery life of the TECNO Camon 17P, the smartphone comes with a 5000mAh battery inside which is pretty large enough, and for the PC Mark Work 3.0 Battery test, we got a score of 13 hours and 59 minutes which translates that the smartphone can last up to a whole day of normal usage.

TECNO Camon 17P Review: Software and performance

Inside the smartphone is a MediaTek Helio G85 processor which is enough for running most apps and games and along with that is either a variant of 6GB+128GB or 8GB+256GB. Whatever you get for the smartphone, the Helio G85 would do just fine for basic apps and of course, some games on the smartphone.

The smartphone is capable of running games like PUBG Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and also Call of Duty Mobile. You can even run Genshin Impact at lower settings. It might be able to run some heavier games on the smartphone but I highly suggest that you turn down the settings of the smartphone to make it playable.

As for the benchmarks, check out the benchmarks of the smartphone below:

As for the software, the TECNO Camon 17P comes with a HiOS based on Android 11 and it’s heavily skinned compared to most UI that are available in most smartphones in the market right now. First, there are a lot of apps that come preinstalled on the smartphone and some of them aren’t that useful.

For the UI, the TECNO Camon 17P comes with a lot of customizations including on the settings including shortcuts for photo compression so you can save more space, ultra power saving mode, and more. For the app drawer, the TECNO Camon 17P comes with a vertical app drawer where you can easily search for the app since it’s arranged alphabetically.

TECNO Camon 17P Review: Camera

For the camera, the smartphone comes with a 64MP quad-camera setup with a quad flash. There’s the 64MP camera for the main camera along with the AI Camera, 2MP macro camera, and 2MP bokeh camera. Unfortunately, there’s no ultrawide camera on this one.

And in our shots, the TECNO Camon 17P is a hit and miss for the main camera but I love the colors produced that I got in my shots. The skies are blue enough and the details are clear in my shots. As for the selfie camera, I’m not really a fan of it as it tends to be darker.  Check out the shots that we took using the TECNO Camon 17P:

TECNO Camon 17P Review: Verdict

The TECNO Camon 17P does offer some features that consumers would including a large display on the smartphone which is a Full HD+ resolution and then there’s the 5000mAh battery which is long enough to be used for a day. The processor of the smartphone is powerful enough for most games and if you want to install a lot of games on this one then that wouldn’t be a problem since we can get up to 256GB of storage on the smartphone depending on the variant that you’re getting.

As for the camera, the TECNO Camon 17P is a hit and miss as it offers pretty good colors but it sometimes offers some softer shots on the smartphone. As for the pricing, the 6GB+128GB variant is now available for Php8,490.


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