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TechLife Pad First Impressions

The TechLife Pad is the brand’s first offering into the tablet market, aiming to provide a budget-friendly option that balances entertainment and productivity. With its affordable price and family-friendly features, here are our initial thoughts on the device.

techlife pad kids
Google Kids Space
TechLife Pad: Family-Friendly Features

One of the standout aspects of the TechLife Pad is its suitability for children, thanks to the inclusion of Google Kids Space. This feature allows parents to set up a safe and controlled environment for their kids, providing access to age-appropriate apps, games, and books. Google Kids Space also includes parental controls, ensuring that children can only access content that is safe and educational.

techlife pad design

TechLife Pad: Design and Build Quality

Our review unit sports a sleek Graphite Grey finish, weighing 453 grams. The smooth aluminum back panel feels sturdy and premium, offering a comfortable grip despite its slim profile at 7.4mm. However, both the display and back panel are prone to fingerprints and smudges, which could require frequent cleaning.

techlife pad socmed

TechLife Pad: Multimedia

Featuring a 10.36-inch display with a 2K resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate, the TechLife Pad provides a decent viewing experience for its price range. The screen is bright and vibrant enough for indoor use, though it might struggle under direct sunlight. The bezels are relatively thick, but they offer a secure place to hold the tablet without obstructing the screen.

The tablet’s quad-stereo speakers, positioned on the top and bottom, deliver surprisingly robust audio for an entry-level device. The sound quality is clear and loud, making it a good choice for watching videos and playing games.

techlife pad software

TechLife Pad: Software

Running on stock Android 14, the tablet offers a clean and intuitive user experience. While the lack of a dedicated video player and photo gallery might require users to download additional apps, the overall interface is smooth and easy to navigate. The Google Kids Space integration further enhances its appeal as a family device.

TechLife Pad: Performance

Powered by the UNISOC T606 chipset, the device offers satisfactory performance for everyday tasks. During our hands-on, the device managed casual gaming and multimedia consumption without significant issues. While not the most powerful tablet on the market, it is reliable for typical use cases such as web browsing and social media.

techlife pad camera

TechLife Pad: Camera

Equipped with an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera, the device’s camera setup is basic but adequate for casual use. The photo quality is sufficient for video calls and quick snapshots, though it won’t replace a dedicated camera for high-quality photography.

TechLife Pad: Battery

The 7,000mAh battery provides impressive longevity, making the tablet a reliable companion for extended use. According to TechLife, the tablet can last up to 15 hours on standby and around 4.4 hours of continuous use. Charging is done via USB Type-C, but the 10W charging speed is relatively slow.

techlife pad initial thoughts


The TechLife Pad stands out as a solid entry-level tablet, particularly appealing to families with young children. Its combination of decent performance, robust audio, and family-friendly features like Google Kids Space makes it a great choice for those seeking an affordable and versatile device.

Stay tuned for our full review and official pricing details!

Ciara Alarcon
Ciara Alarcon
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