Xiaomi has just unveiled their latest flagship in the country and it’s the Xiaomi 12T series and today, we’re gonna do an unboxing and hands-on of the more affordable smartphone in the Xiaomi 12T series – the Xiaomi 12T.

Inside the Box

The box of the Xiaomi 12T is pretty similar with other Xiaomi smartphones that we’ve reviewed before. Inside the box, we can find here the Xiaomi 12T smartphone, the jelly case, quick start guide, USB-A to USB-C port with support for fast charging and then there’s the 120W Fast Charger as well which can fully charge the smartphone in just a few minutes.

First impressions

One of the things that I love about the Xiaomi 12T is how ergonomic the smartphone thanks to the curves at the back of the smartphone. Despite the large size of the smartphone, it was pretty handy to hold. 

The back is different from the original Xiaomi 12. This one comes with a frosted glass look at the back of the smartphone and yes, it was slippery so I highly suggest that you use the smartphone’s case with it so you could have a better grip on the smartphone. The camera module of the smartphone 

Below is the USB-C port of the smartphone and it supports an ultra fast 120W fast charging which can fully charge the smartphone in less than 30 minutes which is insane. Even if you charge the smartphone by just 5 minutes, the Xiaomi 12T can last for a few more hours.

For the display of the Xiaomi 12T comes with a 6.67” display with AMOLED panel and also a 120Hz refresh rate and no, there’s no curved display in here but the flat panel of the smartphone is beautiful enough for a flagship smartphone but it’s definitely not the best one out there. As for the speakers of the smartphone, it was superb and it was loud enough whether I want it for watching movies or when listening to Spotify. The Xiaomi 12T works really fine.

When it comes to the processor, the Xiaomi 12T comes with a MediaTek Dimensity 8100-Ultra chipset inside and also the 8GB of RAM. The performance of the smartphone works really fine whether you want to for normal apps or for the latest games in the market right now. It works like a flagship and for our initial tests, we’re pretty impressed with the Dimensity 8100.

As for the camera, the Xiaomi 12T comes with a 108MP main camera and for a flagship smartphone, I find it a little bit lacking when it comes to dynamic range and colors in some of my shots. The other shots? They were actually great. It’s actually a hit and miss for me. Maybe an update could fix that.


The Xiaomi 12T might not have the best hardware inside but make no mistake because the smartphone is still a flagship one. We got the power inside, a beautiful display, and a decent camera. Their choice of a MediaTek processor is actually isn’t bad and one of my favorite feature, the 120W charger, still comes with the smartphone.

It might not have the same level of the Xiaomi 12T Pro but the Xiaomi 12T is still a good one. If you don’t have the budget but still want to have a taste of a flagship smartphone then better get this smartphone. 


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