The vivo V23 5G is the latest smartphone from the company to arrive in the Philippines and just like before, the vivo V series targets the consumers who are into selfies and for those who are looking for a smartphone that comes with a sexy and sleek design. Today, we’re gonna share with you our review of the smartphone.

Vivo V23 5G Review: Design and construction

One of the biggest improvements that vivo has made with the vivo V23 series is that the smartphone now features a flat metal frame on the sides. It might be glossy and might attract some fingerprints, but the smartphone does come with a very solid and sexy metal frame. This is the most stylish and premium design that we’ve seen from the vivo V series smartphones. 

At the back is where we got the best feature of the smartphone. The color of the back of the smartphone is changing, yes, it changes from Sunrise Gold to blue whenever the sun or a UV passes into it. This is the coolest feature that we’ve seen on smartphones, and I hope to see it on more products in the future. But of course, this won’t be permanent as the color comes back after a few seconds. Having the color changing feature at the back is just cool and you can draw anything you want at the back if you have a UV light. For the buttons, the smartphone houses the power button on the right and at the top is the volume rocker of the smartphone. 

Unfortunately for those people who are looking for a headphone jack, the vivo V23 5G doesn’t have that anymore but the smartphone does come with a USB-C port along with the speaker grill below and the card tray and the microSD card slot is gone as well.

At the back is where we can see the camera module of the smartphone and it’s a pretty large one at the back and it houses the triple camera setup along with the LED Flash. But that’s not just the LED Flash because the smartphone also comes with a dual front-facing LED Flash which is cool for selfies.

Since it’s 2022, the smartphone also packs 5G inside. It’s a Dual 5G Standby and we got some fast speeds on this one including less latency when playing games on the smartphone. But of course, you must be in an area where there’s 5G.

vivo V23 5G Review: Battery Life

For the battery, the smartphone comes with a 4200mAh battery. It can power the device for more than a whole day which is pretty cool. In PC Mark Work 2.0 Battery Test, we got a score of 15 hours and 19 minutes which is pretty long for the battery that we got inside the smartphone. For charging, the smartphone comes with 44W charging and you can charge the smartphone for more than 50% in less than 30 minutes.

vivo V23 5G Review: Display

For the display, the vivo V23 5G comes with. 6.44-inch AMOLED display with a Full HD+ resolution. There’s the 90hz refresh rate as well which I really appreciate for gaming. And for the panel, I really love the colors and display that we got on the smartphone and for the dual selfie camera, there’s the notch at the top. It isn’t annoying despite we have smartphones that punch-hole cameras already. 

The AMOLED panel was vivid and we can use it even at direct sunlight when you’re using the smartphone outside and watching movies on Netflix and videos on YouTube on the smartphone was fine as well. 

vivo V23 5G Review: Software and Performance

For the UI and software of the smartphone, the vivo V23 5G comes with FunTouch OS 12 based on Android 12 and for the hardware, we got here the Dimensity 920 chipset with 12GB of RAM that can expand to 16GB by adding 4GB virtual RAM.

As for the UI, I have no problems with it and FunTouch OS has improved over the years and they’re very responsive as well. But of course, not all of the apps that are included on the smartphone are useful nonetheless, our experience with FunTouch OS was good. 

For the processor of the smartphone, I was surprised that the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G chipset inside the smartphone was powerful and there’s a plenty of RAM inside as well. For the processor, we got a smooth performance all over the board as we got. Check out the benchmarks that we got on the smartphone:

When it comes to gaming, the Dimensity 920 5G can do pretty well on Genshin Impact. We were able to play the game at lowest settings at 60fps per second and yes, the smartphone does get warm but the FPS drop wasn’t that huge and in PUBG Mobile, we were able to play the game at smooth graphics settings at Extreme framerate with Anti-Aliasing. Basically, the smartphone is very capable of playing games even the latest ones.

vivo V23 5G Review: Camera

The camera of the smartphone is the main highlight here. We got here a 64MP main camera along with 8MP ultra-wide and 2MP macro lens. While for the selfies, we also got here a 50MP selfie camera along with 8MP ultra-wide and just like before, there’s the dual-front LED Flash on the smartphone. 

For the main camera, the smartphone did very well. The smartphone features a pretty good shots. It has improved over the previous generation. Shooting at decent lighting conditions resulted to a really good shots on the smartphone. In the shots that we took, the AI processing has helped in improving the shots on the smartphone:

The dynamic range has definitely improved on the smartphone and the details were really good. Even on the ultra-wide lens, we’re getting here a decent dynamic range on the smartphone. 

As for selfies, they are surprisingly great in any conditions. At lowlight, of course it wasn’t clear as expected but it does have a brighter shot on both photos and videos. At lowlight conditions, the dual front-facing LED Flash definitely helps on both photos and videos and the colors of the LED Flash are perfect for the skin tones and the lights doesn’t blow up in your face.

For the video, check out our video samples on both rear and selfie camera of the smartphone.

With these cameras that we got on the vivo V23 5G, it’s definitely the best vlogging smartphone in its price range as we got here a decent camera.

vivo V23 5G Review: Verdict

The vivo V23 5G is without a great smartphone for vloggers. The camera that we got in here is powerful and there are some added features including a ultra-wide selfie camera and also a dual front-facing LED flash that helps us in both photos and videos when using the front-facing camera.

The design is sexy as well as got here a premium material and the photochromic technology that changes the colors at the back of the smartphone, which is pretty cool and lastly, the smartphone features a decent amount of power with its Dimensity 920 5G chipset inside. And yes, there’s 5G inside. 

The smartphone is not perfect, there’s no 120Hz refresh rate on this and it’s not the most powerful in its price range but it’s aimed at people who are looking for a smartphone that is stylish and they can also use for their next vlog or TikTok.

The vivo V23 5G is now available for Php27,999 



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