We’ve been using the best V-series smartphone from vivo for a while now and it was really an enjoyable smartphone to use as the vivo V25 Pro comes with a sexy design and also pretty fine hardware. Now, check out our review of the smartphone.

Design and hardware

One of the best feats of the vivo V25 Pro is its design. It might be a premium midrange smartphone but once you hold it, it’s capable of being a flagship-level smartphone in terms of its design. We got a glass back, ergonomic curves, and a color that can really catch our eye.

The glass back of the smartphone is also something that you would definitely love about the smartphone. Especially for those people who care most about the design and colors of the smartphone first. 

When it comes to the ports, the vivo V25 Pro comes with a USB-C port and also a sim card slot below but unfortunately, there’s no headphone jack on this one just like the previous generation. I got nothing to complain though as everything was really good on the smartphone even after months of using it. 

The power button and also the volume rocker is on one side of the smartphone and it’s very accessible as well despite having a curved display on the smartphone. 

For the battery life of the smartphone, the vivo V25 Pro was actually pretty good when it comes to battery life as I was getting a whole day or a day and a half when I was using it because asking for more juice. As for the charging, it was pretty fast at 66W.


For the smartphone’s display, it comes with a 6.56-inch Full HD+ curved display and the AMOLED panel of the smartphone was fine. It’s definitely not the best display in its price range but the curved display of the smartphone is definitely a looker and it makes the smartphone more premium to look at.

There’s minimal bezels as well and the smartphone does look sexy. There’s a 120Hz refresh rate as well which makes the smartphone feel and look smoother then ever whenever I’m navigating in it. Under direct sunlight, I was happy with the display of the smartphone as it was very visible.

A strong performance

One of its main feat is the hardware inside the smartphone. There’s a MediaTek Dimensity 1300 CPU on the smartphone paired with 12GB of RAM. The RAM can be even expanded by more than up to 8GB. Those numbers might not be something for normal consumers but it does help in the performance of the smartphone.

As for the processor, we were pretty happy with the performance of the smartphone. As expected, every game that we run on the smartphone includes the latest ones like Genshin Impact and also Apex Legends. Actually, I love how consistent the Genshin Impact is whenever I’m playing on the smartphone for a longer time.

Amazing camera

For the camera of the smartphone, there’s the 64MP main camera along with the 8MP ultrawide camera. The smartphone also features a 2MP macro camera which is probably not that useful for most people. But beyond the hardware, there’s the processing on the vivo V25 Pro and it was pretty good. 

The selfie camera of the smartphone is pretty good as well as they’re sharp and has a good post-processing.

Most of the shots that we took on the smartphone were great and for the night shots that we took, I was actually surprised with how good the night shots are as they’re bright and the colors are improved with less noise as well. Check out the photos of the smartphone below:


The vivo V25 Pro is one of the smartphones that you should take a look at. It features a decent power inside, the camera of the smartphone is pretty good even at lowlight and they were pretty good and sharp as well.  It can definitely compete even against flagships out there. 

There’s not much to say negative about the smartphone because there’s a lot of features that I really love on the smartphone however, it’s not perfect. So if you’re the type of consumer who loves to take photos and loves to take selfies then you might want to take a look at the vivo V25 Pro

In our long-term usage of the smartphone,  we definitely enjoyed the MediaTek processor of the smartphone as it was powerful and the modern games are quick to adapt the processor. We also enjoyed the camera as it features a pretty good quality overtime and it has been improving as well with its updates.


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