vivo has been promoting their flagship smartphone, the vivo X70 as a smartphone mainly for photography because not only that the smartphone comes with a 40MP triple-lens camera but this one is also co-engineered by ZEISS. If you want to know more about the smartphone, head over to our review of the smartphone below 

A sexy and sleek design 

One of the advantages of owning a vivo X70 is the sexy and sleek design of the smartphone. At the back of the smartphone, we can find here the smooth and premium matte frosted glass back on the smartphone along with the smooth and perfect curves on the sides. Holding the smartphone is not just ergonomic but you could really feel that this smartphone is a flagship one. 

As for the camera module, the smartphone comes with a protruding camera module at the back with the triple-lens camera along with the ZEISS branding and in my opinion, the look of the camera module of the smartphone is pretty cool and clean.  As for the thickness of the smartphone, it’s thin and it’s very sleek.  

The power button of the smartphone is placed on the right side and on top of it is the volume rocker of the vivo X70. Below, you can find the card tray along with the USB-C port of the smartphone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a headphone jack on the smartphone so it’s best paired with a TWS with the smartphone. The vivo X70 comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner along with a face unlock which is just fine for me. 

Fine display 

For the display of the vivo X70, it comes with a 6.56-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. For its size, it’s perfect whether you want the smartphone for gaming or for multimedia usage but the best part about the smartphone is that they’ve used an AMOLED panel on this one with a 120Hz refresh rate. 

This means that the smartphone can get smooth and silky good animations, transitions, and movements which will give you an advantage on games and it also features a vivid and bright display even under direct sunlight. The smartphone’s display is great and it’s something that you would really appreciate from the smartphone.

Decent battery life 

For the smartphone’s battery. It comes with a 4400mAh battery and it also supports 44W charging. In our review of the vivo X70 using PC Mark Work 2.0 battery test, we got a score of 14 hours and 7 minutes which is decent for its size. This translates to a single day of usage of the smartphone without looking for a charger at average use but if you’re planning on playing a lot of games on a single day, you might need a power bank with you always. But for its power and range, the battery life is already decent. 

Powerful performance 

Inside the smartphone is a MediaTek Dimensity 1200 5G chipset and boy, the smartphone’s chip inside it is powerful and it can run all the games that we’ve tried on the smartphone. We tried games like Call of Duty: Mobile on the smartphone and it was just a piece of cake. When we played League of Legends: Wild Rift and we were able to play the game at 60fps in Ultra graphics settings.


Even when we played Genshin Impact, the smartphone was very capable as we were able to play the game in 60fps at high graphics settings but of course, it still isn’t the smoothest as we can see a drop in frame rates at heavy scenes. So it’s still suggested to lower the settings of the game for longer and enjoyable gameplay experience. 

When it comes to benchmarks, the vivo X70 is really powerful as we got a high score on different benchmarking applications like 3DMark, Antutu, and Geekbench. While the score might be high but it can’t compete with the Snapdragon 888. Nonetheless, it’s still an excellent smartphone.  

Excellent camera 

Now, the camera of the smartphone is one of the best things about it. We got here a 40MP triple lens camera with 12MP telephoto and 12MP ultrawide and all of them performed exceeded my expectations. The cameras of the smartphone are co-engineered with Zeiss, a company known for their optics and camera lenses. With the smartphone’s camera, we can expect a lot of effects on portrait mode thanks to Zeiss but the main highlight for me is the quality of the shots that we got on the smartphone. 

Actually, just check out some of the shots that I took using the vivo X70: 

Overall, they were excellent. The shots that we got are not oversaturated and it features the right colors on most of the shots that we got. They’re also sharp and the post-processing on the vivo X70 was excellent. Lowlight shots were pretty good too on the smartphone as I walked around Bonifacio Global City. 

However, my only problem is when I used the portrait mode of the smartphone, especially with beautification as I’ve noticed that they’ve been brightening up the face and also beautifying it but the problem is there are some times that the post process wasn’t accurate for the face and it feels a little bit unnatural so you really have to adjust the settings to make it right. But despite this flaw, the camera of the vivo X70 is still excellent. 


Overall, the vivo X70 is an excellent camera if you’re looking for a smartphone that is made for photography. The shots that we got were excellent thanks to Zeiss and as for the design, it’s one of the sexiest if not the sexiest smartphone that we’ve ever reviewed, and the power of the smartphone is really excellent as we’re able to run different power-hungry games on the smartphone without problems. 

While everything was well on the smartphone, it’s still not perfect as the beautifying needs a little bit of adjustment but you can still adjust that and the quality of the camera of the smartphone is still excellent overall. 

The vivo X70 is now available for Php34,999


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