DamonPS2 is about to have a competition in the near future as a new PS2 emulator has just appeared on Reddit and it seems that it’s a promising one as the developers have mentioned that the emulator is now on closed alpha testing and yet a lot of games are already working for the said emulator and it even works even on the low-end chipsets including the Snapdragon 625.


The AetherSX2’s initial performance is initially and way better than the DamonPS2 which is dubbed by some reddit users as a spyware and accusing the creator of the DamonPS2 as stealing the codes from PCSX2.


The AetherSX2 Alpha is running pretty well as the PS2 emulator can run Tekken 5 smoothly on the Snapdragon 870 and it was also able to run on Snapdragon 625 but the performance of MGS 3: Snake Eater and GTA: Vice City Stories were terrible.

Taki Udon, a YouTuber mainly discussing about emulators and retro consoles, has also shown the performance of AetherSX2 on different devices including the Dimensity 700 up to the Snapdragon 888+

No specific date yet for the AetherSX2 but do expect the emulator to come out soon.


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