The vivo X80 Pro is the newest flagship smartphone from the company and it packs a lot of features including ZEISS camera, flagship hardware inside, and a sexy design. The smartphone also introduces a lot of new features including ZEISS T* coating standards, ZEISS filters, V1+ chip, and more. And today, we’re gonna review the vivo X80 Pro.

vivo X80 Pro Review: Design and hardware

The vivo X80 Pro features the best materials and feel for all of the vivo smartphones that we’ve ever reviewed. Actually, it’s one of my favorites in terms of the design and quality because of how solid the build is along with its premium design.

For the back, there’s the glass back with a matte look and thankfully, it doesn’t attract a lot of fingerprints thankfully so it’s a plus for me then there’s the protruding camera module which is abnormally large but the design of it just looks fine for me.

The ergonomics of the smartphone are fine as well as the curves are perfect for my hands despite the large footprint of the smartphone. The vivo X80 Pro also comes with weight but again, the curves does help in making it still ergonomic.

For the ports, the smartphone comes with a USB-C port and it does support the 80W FlashCharge wired charging along with 50W Wireless FlashCharge. The smartphone also comes with a power button and also a volume rocker on the side.

As for the speaker, the vivo X80 Pro comes with a large and pretty good speaker so listening to it with Spotify or just watching movies via Netflix is just fun on the vivo X80 Pro.

vivo X80 Pro Review: Battery

For the battery of the smartphone, it comes with a 4700mAh battery inside and again, it does come with fast charging. Surprisingly, the battery of the smartphone did pretty well as we got a high score in PCMark Work 2.0 Battery test as we got here a score of 11 hours and 58 minutes. One of the best that we’ve seen with this processor.

vivo X80 Pro Review: Display

One of the strengths of the smartphone is its display as this one packs a large 6.78-inch display with a WQHD+ resolution and an AMOLED panel and for the refresh rate, there’s the 120Hz as well. It comes with curved edges which is why the smartphone does have a near bezel-less look on the side.

Thanks to its resolution, looking at the display is really fine and easy to the eyes. I love how sharp the display is thanks to its resolution and I also love how bright it is even at under direct sunlight. The vivo X80 Pro’s display isn’t the best that we’ve seen on the market but it’s definitely one of my favorites as this one has bright and vivid colors and it’s very sharp as well.

vivo X80 Pro Review: Software and performance

The smartphone that comes with FunTouch OS 12 is based on Android 12 and honestly, I still find it easy to use but they need some reword with their notifications as I find it too cluttered nonetheless, it’s not really a big issue for me.

As for the performance, the smartphone comes with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Processor along with 12GB of RAM that can be extended up to 16GB by getting some of the memory from the internal storage, and actually, I didn’t have any problems with its performance despite playing longer hours on the smartphone. For our benchmarks, we got decent scores on the smartphone:

When it comes to gaming, I’ve been playing Genshin Impact on the smartphone at the highest settings possible and it does get warm after a few minutes of playing but overall, it doesn’t overheat and vivo did a great job with its thermal and I was still using the case included on the smartphone and the heat was very manageable on the smartphone.

vivo X80 Pro Review: Camera

The camera is the biggest thing about the smartphone and yes, the vivo X80 Pro is definitely one of the best this year in terms of camera. Actually, it might be the best one as we got here smartphone lenses co-engineered by ZEISS. Some of you might think that this one is a gimmick but no, actually, the camera quality of the smartphone is just excellent.

First, let’s discuss the unique features of the camera of the vivo X80 Pro. The ZEISS T* coating standards on the vivo X80 Pro are probably one of the biggest underrated features of the smartphone. I really noticed that I have less glare and light flares with my shots at night and the Super Night Shots that I got on the smartphone were great.

The ZEISS portrait filters give you a brief experience of the ZEISS lenses but my favorite one is the ZEISS Cinematic Video in where you can get wider shots on the smartphone with bokeh effects. You can also record in 24fps which will give us a more cinematic feel on the videos.

For our shots, we’ve noticed that the customized Samsung GNV Sensor on the smartphone perform really well. The shots that we got are awesome and even without the portrait mode, the natural bokeh on the smartphone was still excellent and the shots that we got are sharp and the colors of the smartphone were great as well.

As for the AI processing, I’ve noticed that the smartphone tends to rely on post-processing in most of my shots and it has definitely improved the shots that I got on the smartphone. Initially, most of the headshots were a miss in terms of post-process by the AI of the smartphone but after a few updates on the smartphone, I’ve noticed that vivo X80 Pro has improved and it looks more natural than before. If you are curious with the quality of the shots that we got, check out the shots that we took using the vivo X80 Pro:


The vivo X80 Pro has become one of my favorite smartphones this year thanks to the powerful hardware inside the smartphone also the camera that sets the barrier even higher in mobile photography. The design of the smartphone you can also look up to as this one features solid materials and curves except for the large protruding camera module at the back of the smartphone.

If you are confused about which flagship smartphone you should get next time, the vivo X80 Pro is for people who want to have the best Android smartphone in terms of photography and videography. The ZEISS features of the smartphone is something that you would definitely love and thanks to its sensor, the vivo X80 Pro performed really well in terms of camera.

So if you want to get one, the vivo X80 Pro is on the pricier side at Php59,999.


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