Yesterday, I’ve been reading some articles at engadget and I found some interesting news for all cellphone lovers. What is it?, Ericsson says that in 4 years the cellphones are…..Story after the jump

1. Digital Camera are 12-20 megapixels
2. Video Camera are in full HD resolution
3. Screen Resolution are already in XGA (1024 x 768)
4. CPU are already in 1 ghz
5. The internet connection now uses LTE which 100+ MBPS

OMG!, 20 Megapixel camera for a cellphone? that’s better than my digital camera O_O. The video camera is in full HD resolution which is similar to the camcorders of today. The Screen resolution are already in XGA? OMG, that is my resolution in my desktop lol. If you look at the CPU it is already 1 ghz, all I can say is wow O_O. And last thing that make my eye pop out is the internet connection did you ever imagine a internet speed 100+ MBPS O_O that is already x100 of our internet connection lol. I hope that it will be true soon :).


  1. Actually, meron nang 24-MP camera by Sony. I attended a Sony event the other week and saw it. Man, you can see the fine little hairs on a model’s face.

    It’s that detailed.

    However, the camera is for professional photographers. It’s the expensive type that comes with those long lenses.


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