If you didn’t know, Codemasters terminated the contract with CCR and closes the service of RF online in US and some parts of Europe. Codemasters is the publisher of RF online in US and in some parts of Europe. But After Codemasters terminate RF online. Someone will service RF online international now. Story After the Jump

CCR will now directly handle the RF Online for the international server. Yep, you read it right, It’s CCR the developer of RF online. That’s a good news, since I heard that Codemasters GM did not handle CM RF online that good. And AFAIK, many people want LUG to handle CM-RFO. Even though many people hate LUG handling RFO-PH,many people outside the philippines love LUG’s RFO-ph than CM RFO

On december 11 2008, the beta test will open. To know more about the brand new RF online you can visit their site at http://www.playrf.com


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