Spotify has officially released its 2023 Wrapped, where users can see and share their music journey in 2023.

spotify wrapped

Beyond the familiar insights into top artists, genres, songs, and podcasts, Spotify also introduced exciting features to bring users closer to the heart of their listening habits. The “Me in 2023” experience unveils 12 distinct listening characters, such as the Shapeshifter or the Luminary, reflecting diverse streaming habits. “Sound Town” takes users on a global journey, matching them to a city based on listening and shared artist affinity, celebrating the interconnectedness of musical preferences worldwide.

Meanwhile, this year, Spotify gives Wrapped a visual upgrade, presenting favorite data stories in a refreshed and innovative way. The “Top 5 Genres” story adopts a sandwich-inspired design to showcase users’ musical preferences. “Top 5 Artists” provides a deeper dive, revealing the month listening peaked for each artist, offering a comprehensive picture of the year’s musical journey. Fans also receive messages from top artists directly within their personalized Wrapped, adding a personal touch to the experience.

Eligible users can access their personalized 2023 Wrapped exclusively in the Spotify mobile app (iOS and Android) and via web view on mobile or desktop at

So, have you seen your 2023 Wrapped? Comment yours below!


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