“32-bit? 64-bit? What the heck are those?!”
Ever wonder what does the 64-bit A7 processor of Apple can do? Smartphones are like mini PCs in terms of hardware and software. But the big question for our smartphones still remains, What is a 32-bit or 64-bit processors? Here at JAM Online, let’s review these two architectures and let’s discover how does the 64-bit processor affect our smartphones. Check it all out after the break!

Everyone knows that the latest iPhone 5S will be running on a 64-bit architecture, and everybody was like “Awwwweeessssoommme- but What is this 64-bit processor?”. You came into the right place. but first thing’s first:

WHAT IS THIS 32 and 64-bits THINGY?:

These are called “Architectures”. Architectures is an art of assembling logical elements and turn it into computing device. This is how Software and Hardware relates to each other. This is how processors acts like ARM, MIPS or other types of processor for smartphones.
Now about the Numbers. 32 and 64 are refers to as “bits” (bits means the group of 8 or more bytes.). Example, that “ARM” thingy you see is the name of the Set. And ARMv7 and earlier architectures are 32-bits while ARMv8 and for the future architectures are now 64-bit. And of course You will see this also on a desktop and laptop computers. These “x86” and “x64”, Those are the names of the set. x86 is on 32-bit (e.g. Intel Atom) and x64 are of course, 64-bit (e.g. AMD Athlon64) but there are PC Processors that can carry to 64-bit but can also carry 32-bit, and that set is called “x86-x64″(e.g. Intel i7) and 64-bit architectures are opened up more “lanes” through which data could travel. Think of it like an expressway with three lanes and a speed limit of 50. That road can only handle so many cars passing through at any given time.


Woah-woah-woah-woah! Let me finish, okay? 32 bits can carry up to 4GB of RAM, and it can handle up to only one processor. While 64-bit can carry up to 128GB of RAM and can handle up to 64 PHYSICAL processors. So it turns that the advantage of the 64-bit Smartphone is to get a Better Performance. But Using a 32-bit App on that architecture will NOT WORK like the “x86-x64” sets. The developers will need to REBUILD the app in order to make the Apps work on the 64-bit System.

HOW ABOUT YOU? 32 or 64-bit?

I would Stick to 32-bit for Smartphones. Maybe there will be a future technology that can make a 32-bit systems more faster than a 64-bit processors. The thing i want for a Smartphone is COMPATIBILITY while maintaining a HIGH PERFORMANCE. The advantage of is 64-bit are for heavy video-editing and gaming for desktop and laptop computers. I would suggest to them to make it work like the Intel Atom for smartphones and tablets.

Got Everything? If you don’t, you can re-read what you don’t understand. Okay Guys and Gals, Class Dismiss-er.. I mean, See ya! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@I_Am_NicDroid), Instagram @NicdroidPH, and check out my blogs at NicDroid Gazette (nicdroid.blogspot.com).

This article was contributed by: Nico Guarte with some edits from Jam Ancheta (The scumbag guy behind this blog)


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